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Minecraft 1.2 is out!

The news came out last night, Jeb just officially released Minecraft 1.2(.2)! Apparently He patched it right away after releasing it because birches love pine trees. Our server will be up once Craftbukkit is up so, prepare your fists and get ready to punch some trees! [youtube_sc url=""]

Minecraft 1.2 Planned to be released tomorrow!

Guys! This is it! Jeb just posted a preview for Minecraft 1.2 and he also said that they are planning to release 1.2 tomorrow. (ohboyohboyohboyohboy -- ed) OMGeek Server

Are you ready?

Are you excited for the mobs new AI? New creatures? New items? New biome? (yes a thousand times yes! -- ed) What will you do when Minecraft 1.2 is up? Share it with us!

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