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Indie Royale: July Jubilee Bundle

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Hello guys! After the long week of Steam Summer Sale, a new Indie Royale bundle is now live! There are currently 6 games. These games are:

    • Puzzle Agent -  Sure to challenge, thrill and engage in more ways than you can shake a cryptogram at! Plentiful puzzles to challenge your neurons while investigating the strange, peculiar and mind-boggling to crack the case! Your discoveries provide clues to the larger mystery crippling the town, or uncover puzzles that must be solved to reveal answers...or even more questions.
    • Geneforce Saga - Contains all 5 of the classic Spiderweb Software titles in one great package! Geneforge is a fantasy role-playing game with a science fiction twist. In Geneforge, you are free to choose what your overall goal is, and you can seek after it with your own horde of deadly, mutant monsters.
    • Oniken - A 2D platform action indie game that make use of 8-bit graphic style. My friend Pedro Paiva and I are putting a great effort to guarantee that this game feels really like an 8 bit classic. Everything on Oniken, from the character design to the music, is a tribute to the 8-bit action games from the NES era. So if you like old-school games be prepared for Oniken and remember... Oniken is NES hard!
    • Mutant Storm Reloaded - Twin-stick shooter mayhem! As you get deeper, you are ever more overcrowded with nasty beasties. This carnival of frenetic fun is showcased in a cutting edge graphics extravaganza. Viewed from well above, you and your enemies can always be seen.
    • Swift*Stitch -  A game about going fast, taking the right route and trying not to crash.(Straight to the point eh?)
    • Unepic - A combination of platforming and role playing games. There are many hilarious references throughout the game. The game takes place in Harnakon, a huge medieval castle. It is set in the hardcore NES Style, yet refined with the latest features.

So are you gonna try this out? Unepic sure is interesting but... I just wasted my money last week! (A feeling not wholly unfamiliar to me! -ed) It's all your fault Gabe! I apologize to all of you guys If I'm not that active on the forums and Steam chat (going home late) and also I'm still figuring out how to make Arma 2 run or join our server. So, here's your latest indie bundle after the Steam summer sale. Enjoy your week guys!

Indie Royale: The All-Charity Pack

Just after The May Hurray Bundle, the Lightning Pack has come out! This time, all the money in the indie bundle will be donated to 4 charities: Amnesty International, EFF, Actionaid and UNICEF. The following 4 games are available in this bundle:

  • OSMOS - Enter the ambient world of Osmos: elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack. Your objective is to grow by absorbing other motes. Propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you. But be wise: ejecting matter also shrinks you.
  • B.U.T.T.O.N. - A physical party game for 2-8 players developed by the Copenhagen Game Collective, with music by Nifflas. Race to your controller through physical space, and do whatever it takes to win (or to avoid losing). Act like a monkey, jump up and down, wrestle over the controllers, strip off some clothing, cheat your competitors, and above all, expect the unexpected. Brutally unfair tactics are, after all, totally OK now!
  • The Shivah - Russell Stone is a Jewish Rabbi at a poor synagogue in New York City. He is a devout man with a problem. Membership is way down and he lacks the funds to keep his synagogue open. Things are looking very bleak, and he has grown progressively more cynical and bitter with the passage of time. Just as he is on the verge of packing it all in, he receives some interesting news. A former member of his congregation has died and left the Rabbi a significant amount of money. A blessing? Or the start of something far more sinister? Can Rabbi Stone just accept the money and move on? His conscience says no. Step into his shoes as he travels all over Manhattan in his attempt to uncover the truth. Features rabbinical conversation methods, a unique method of fighting, an original score, and three different endings!
  • Blueberry Garden - A short experimental game about curiosity and exploration. You take on the role of a creature investigating a mysterious world to find out what is going on there.

Also, If you pay at least $7.00, you will get 3 bonus albums! Are you going to get this bundle? Or are you guys busy playing Diablo 3 just like the guys here at OMGeek? (not everyone is playing Diablo 3! ;__; -ed)

Indie Royale: The May Hurray Bundle


It's been a while but a new Indie Royale indie bundle is up! I've been busy for the past weeks, but I'm still gonna post every indie bundle that I discover! The games that are included in this bundle are:

  • Dungeon Defenders - Long ago, Etheria was once a land of living legends… Throughout the ages, brave warriors across the realm stood together against the forces of evil, led by immortal beings known as the Old Ones… After a titanic struggle, these champions locked away the power of the Old Ones, inside Eternia Crystals…These legendary heroes have recently left their younger kin in charge of the common castle chores… Bored with their dreary duties, the inexperienced pupils decide to play… And accidentally unleash an ancient force that has long been dormant!
  • Containment: The Zombie Puzzler - An action puzzle game like you’ve never seen before. The goal of Containment is to surround zombies with survivors of the same color. But watch out for the zombies—they'll fight back by infecting the survivors in the street.
  • Data Jammers: FastForward - A continuously moving three dimensional driving and destruction game set within a retro wireframe world of impossible race tracks.
  • Brainpipe - A Plunge to Unhumanity - An easy to pick up first person perspective game of real time spatial navigation and quick reflexes. Supported by hypnotic graphics, ear tickling sound effects and immersive dreamscape music, its free floating forward moving intensity gradually increases from serene to frenetic as you play.
  • Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space - A hybrid science fiction space adventure and strategy game set in the plausibly implausible universe of Digital Eel's critically acclaimed computer game, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (SAIS).

You get some sweet bonuses as well! If you pay at least $7.00, you will get an album: Starscream's Future, Toward the Edge of Forever from the NYC chiptune futurists.

I really love Dungeon Defenders. Got addicted to this game but stopped because no one wants to play the game with me. =( The other games are new to me. Recently, I've been trying to control myself from buying more indie bundles because they are too many. How about you guys, are you still buying indie bundles?

Indie Royale: The Spring Bundle

Another Indie Royale Bundle is out after the April's Fool Bundle and right now we've got 6 games (if you pay for at least $5 you will also get Danimal Cannon's acclaimed chiptune music album Roots).

  • Unstoppable Gorg - Get ready to experience a revolution in tower defense that will send you spinning. Unstoppable Gorg challenges you to defend the solar system from fearsome aliens by sending satellites into orbit. Unlike other tower defense games, in Unstoppable Gorg you can move your towers by rotating the orbits that surround planets, moons and space stations.(Available for Steam (pc and mac), Windows, Desura)

  • Depths of Peril - A single player action RPG (role playing game) with strong strategy elements. You play as a faction leader protecting the barbarian city, Jorvik, by destroying threatening monsters and completing quests. At the same time, you compete with rival factions to see who will rule the city. Barbarians choose their leaders by fighting to the death!(Available for Steam (pc and mac), Windows,MacDesura)

  • Tobe's Vertical Adventure - An indie, retro, platformer starring Tobe, the overly devoted gamer who's been forced on a treasure hunt by his materialistic crush, Nana. The big head duo will travel back and forth in the crumbling caves in search of treasures while rescuing fluffy animals, making you scream kawaii ne~ along the way.(Available for Steam)

  • Inferno+ - An atmospheric twin-stick action-RPG. Explore 40+ levels with your drone companions while upgrading your ship, collecting gold, discovering secrets, unlocking achievements, and destroying everything in sight.(Available for Windows,Mac,Desura)

  • Slydris - A unique and elegant puzzle game that feels fresh and familiar at the same time. Slide and drop blocks into rows across 3 modes while collecting achievements and comparing your scores to the best around the world.(Available for Windows,Mac,Desura)

  • Ballistic - A highly-polished intense twin-stick arcade shooter with infinite waves, 5 two-minute challenges, achievements, and online leaderboards. Use Ballistics mode to trade off speed for firepower, and choose and combine 9 different upgrades to customize your ship.(Available for Windows,Mac,Desura)

Seriously I wasn't really going to buy this bundle but what the heck. I've always said that I'll post some impressions of these games that I buy from indie bundles but I always forget (sorry!). Did you guys buy any bundles from the past weeks? It's kinda sad that some games are getting in the bundle multiple times and sadly, at the same time! But what about you guys? What are your opinions regarding this?

Indie Royale: April Fools Bundle

A new IndieRoyale called the April Fools Bundle is now available and there are 4 games included in the bundle with some DLCs. It is currently at a minimum of $4.54. Here are the games included in the bundle:

  • Defense Grid: The Awakening - Defense Grid: The Awakening is the definitive Tower Defense game that’s easy to pick up, engrossing to play, and hard to set down for players of all skill levels. Strategically place your towers to prevent alien enemies from stealing your power cores. Getting the bundle will also give you some DLCs for this game.
  • Hack, Slash, Loot - A single-player turn-based dungeon crawler for PC/Mac. Take control of a lone hero and explore sprawling dungeons, fight dangerous monsters, and most importantly, plunder valuable treasures.
  • Alien Zombie Megadeath - A gloriously intense platform shoot-em-up! You are the lone Spaceman, doing boring space work on a random space platform in deep space when suddenly a huge, relentless, alien force attacks! However these are not your normal everyday aliens...these are alien ZOMBIES!
  • Explodemon - An explosive homage to SNES-era platformers mixed with a modern physics-puzzle twist, Explodemon is non-stop action mayhem like you've never seen before. Featuring 12 huge levels of pulse-pounding platforming, a deep control system, devastatingly up-close-and-personal combat, upgradable special abilities and comic-book style cutscenes, Explodemon brings old-school gameplay bang up to date.
  • BONUS: Astro Tripper - Astro Tripper is a furious shoot-em-up experience inspired by the painful, knuckle busting video games of years gone by. An evolution of PomPom's 2001 award winning game, Space Tripper. Travel the surface of large horizontally-scrolling platforms, and pit your highly maneuverable craft against hoards of enemies eager to blow you to bits, eat you or worse.

Also for anyone who pays more than the minimum: Rock: Deluxe Edition, Sexy Synthesizer's awesome Japanese '80s-style chip album. So anyone up for this? I'm still thinking of getting this bundle since I've bought their previous ninja bee bundle.

IndieRoyale: The Ninja Pack

The new IndieRoyale is now live! The Ninja Pack consists of 5 games from NinjaBee, an independent video game developer based in Utah, US. Here are the games included in the bundle:

    • Ancients of Ooga - Eat, chant and even puke your way through the primeval world of Ooga on a journey to befriend and free the enslaved Oogani tribes. Unlock each tribe’s lost, ancient powers and revive their fallen chiefs on your quest to revolt against the evil Boolis.

    • Cloning Clyde - Have you ever been cloned? Ever wonder what it would be like to be a chicken? A monkey? A frog? Well, wonder no more when you play Cloning Clyde, the zany side-scrolling platformer game from NinjaBee and Bacon Wrapped Games.

    • A Kingdom for Keflings - Build your own Medieval world in A Kingdom for Keflings.

    • Outpost Kaloki - Race against time to save the princess in Outpost Kaloki, a humorous space station tycoon game! Solve challenges, entertain visiting aliens, keep your ratings high, and rake in the money on your way to fame and glory.

You should buy early since it's currently $3-4, or beat the price to keep the minimum price low!


*All of the games’ descriptions are from the official website of IndieRoyale.

IndieRoyale: St. Patrick’s Day Bundle

Once again, IndieRoyale's preorder for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Bundle is now live! We still don't know what games will be available for the bundle but speculations have said that these are the possible titles:

    • Hard Reset ("an explosive FPS with a future-leaning setting, available on Windows as a Steam key, Desura key and DRM-free download.")

    • Jolly Rover ("a jaunty Windows and Mac adventure game, available on Steam, DRM-free, and on Desura, arrr.")

    • Vertex Dispenser ("a brainy Steam-enabled Windows and Mac title 'dispensing' RTS action.")

    • DLC Quest ("an acclaimed satirical platformer.")

    • Lair of the Evildoer ("possibly the bonus RPG Overhead shooter from the creator of DLC Quest.")

Also, if you preorder this bundle, you will get a NES-inspired 15 track album O.S.T. from Daniel Capo! You can also get this if you buy the bundle above the minimum price.


*All of the descriptions are from the official website of IndieRoyale.

IndieRoyale: Alpha Collection

Hello guys! Once again IndieRoyale has released another bundle. This one's called the Alpha Collection. It consists of 3 games that are currently in Alpha (what are they going to sell next, game concept pitches? draft production bibles? :3 --jed).

The games are:

  • Towns - A city building and management game mixed with an RPG that draws inspiration from titles spanning Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Majesty. Instead of playing the hero who delves deep into the dungeon, players oversee the town that houses and caters the hero's needs. Along the way, players can craft unique weapons, obtain randomized loot and build a settlement capable of holding back the forces that rise up from the active dungeon upon which the town sits. Towns official website

  • 3079 - A futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game, and an alleged lovechild of Minecraft and Fallout, with a block-like world, futuristic action, and role-playing elements played in a first-person perspective. 3079's randomly generated areas, buildings, items, quests and characters make it an entertaining open-world experience. 3079 official website

  • Wyv and Keep - The Temple of the Lost Idol is a lusciously pixelated 2D co-op puzzle platformer. Dubbed as a more fiendish version of Blizzard's classic The Lost Vikings, the game features two young treasure hunters venturing into the land of Amazonia. Wyv and Keep official website

The current minimum price of this bundle is around $5 and we still got 6 days to buy it. Check it out now!

NOTE: When you buy this bundle you will get a DRM Free version and a Desura Key of each game.

*All of the games' descriptions are from the official website of IndieRoyale.

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