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Indie Gala: Mobile

Hello guys! A new Indie Gala Bundle is now live! It contains four Android games, and an additional three games and three albums are yours if you beat the minimum price! You will also get the PC/Mac/Linux version of these Android games. [youtube_sc url=""]

Here are the games included in the bundle:

  • Great Little War Game - Take command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea and air but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. You want to deploy your soldiers to take full advantage of the higher terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and defensive walls.
  • Cardinal Quest - An arcade-style dungeon-crawler inspired by 1980s classics such as Gauntlet, Red-Box D&D and Golden Axe: Choose your champion and begin your quest to slay the Evil Minotaur! Three distinct characters await you, each providing their own unique experience: The Fierce Fighter - who can stir himself into a berserk frenzy. The Stealthy Thief - a mysterious assassin who dispatches his foes from the shadows. The Mystical Wizard - able to bend the forces of the elements to his will.
  • Smile HD -  the cheerful award winning solitaire-like and arcade matching game. Uniquely designed for both novice and skilled players alike. Make matches and score combos with just a touch.
  • Legends of Yore - a casual rogue like designed for mobile platforms. Choose your character and adventure through the dungeons, gaining levels and experience to eventually become a hero.

And if you beat the average price, you will also get three music albums and these games (PC):

  • Manor of the Damned - A retro inspired action RPG that invokes the memories from the great console games of times past. The game has a deep storyline, intense action, puzzle solving and exploration. You play a destitute wandering vampyre who agrees to help rid a village of a raiding specpyre family. The game features multiple weapons, semi-destructible environments, retro inspired sound effects and graphics, an industrial music sound track, and vampyres that turn into spectres and feed on souls!
  • Turba - Turba provides a gameplay experience unlike any you have encountered before. Load in music from your PC and combo blocks to your favorite tunes in this unique new twist on the “match-3” style game! Watch your favorite music come to life in a whole new way. The blocks on the game board generate and move to the beat of the song you choose.
  • Pitiri 1977 - Pitiri is a platformer, which is paying tribute to its classic predecessors – not only by its gameplay, but also by its background story. A narrative, that is set in 1977 (the glorious year of Star Wars IV, the Voyager 1 spacecraft & Led Zeppelin's “Presence”), in an imposing world, created by using hand-painted graphics, interesting characters and solid physics.

I think I'm gonna skip this indie bundle since I already got the previous 2 epic bundles and I don't use Android. Hhow about you guys? Anyone here play Android games?

Indie Gala V

Hello again guys. Right now we've got Indie Gala V! It contains 16 games! All of the games are activated thru Steam and some games have a DRM free version. If I'm wrong, kindly PM me on Steam or on the forums! More detailed descriptions about the games after the jump. [youtube_sc url=""]

Here are the games that are included in the bundle:

  • Making History: The Calm & the Storm - Making History® delivers the open-ended gameplay of strategy-game classics, but with compelling new economic, military, and diplomatic systems and deep research that lets you play with real historical challenges.
  • Beat Hazard (DRM Free) - Experience your music collection like never before with this intense music driven arcade shooter. Each of your songs will have its own unique ebb and flow based on the music. Power up your spaceship and watch as the music boosts your firepower.
  • Razor2: Hidden Skies - A top view shooter. The game has the style of successful classic arcade games, while using the latest technology to create great visuals and effects. An old-school game with all new technology.

If you pay at least $3.99 you will get these games!

  • Space Empires 4 Deluxe - A grand strategy title in the space 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) genre, Space Empires has already found a place in the heart of strategy gamers everywhere.
  • Battle Mages (DRM Free) - The story begins, when a young neophyte journeys north, to learn from an eccentric wizard, one of the most ancient and powerful Guild's members. The apprentice doesn't know yet, that his teacher-to-be is one of the Keepers, and that his destiny is to become a catalyst for the events, that will make Daenmor shudder.
  • World Rally Championship Racing (DRM Free) - The aim of the official WRC FIA World Rally Championship videogame is to bring the thrilling sceneries of the world's most challenging motorsport competition into the houses of rally fans across the entire world.
  • Bad Rats: Rats Revenge - A physics puzzle game where rats finally get their bloody revenge on their new prisoners: The cats. Come up with creative solutions for each puzzle using physics, functional objects, and your specially trained Rats.

Lastly, pay at least $5.99 and you get all of the games including these great games too!

  • Disciples II: Rise of the Elves - The award-winning series Disciples introduced a milestone in the game's very successful history; the introduction of a new race: The Elves. The Elven Race added a new dimension to the game and added countless hours of gameplay.
  • Puzzle Kingdoms - Challenges players to plan out strategic attacks in order to defeat their opponents. Order troops across the map, conquering cities through innovative puzzle gameplay.
  • Ninja Blade (DRM Free) - While investigating reports of unlawful weapons trafficking, peacekeeping forces encountered an unclassified carnivorous species occupying a small village in Northern Africa. These rabid creatures were easily provoked and resistant to conventional attack.
  • SBK X: Superbike World Championship (DRM Free) - Introduces itself as the most complete title compared to past editions based on the official Superbike World Championship license. The realism and the simulation that made Milestone famous are back, although this time the game pays even more attention to the player needs to create an immersive and rewarding gaming experience for both the genre lovers, who just want to ride full speed on the track, and the real enthusiasts, who carefully follows the series.

This bundle is pretty big. Look at that list! Are you up for this? Or are you guys saving up for the upcoming Steam summer sale? (Worth it just for Disciples 2 if you ask me. -ed)

Indie Gala IV

Once again it's time for some indie bundle! I apologize for the very very late news. The 4th Indie Gala is up (and has been for almost 2 weeks)! [youtube_sc url=""]

Right now there are 9 games available on the bundle but after several weeks they'll release another game. The games included in the bundle are:

  • STEEL STORM: Burning Retribution - A top down action shooter with old school spirit. It marks the return of top-down shooters with new twists. The game has score oriented competitive gameplay, and is designed for people who like fast paced action, hordes of smart enemies, destructible worlds and ground shaking explosions.
  • A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda - The first chapter in a full featured episodic hardcore action packed side scrolling platformer, in the traditions of retro classics, where you play as Ares, a combat robot created for the sole purpose of saving humanity.
  • Alien Shooter - The endless darkness and the somber, long passages of a military complex have become the abode of evil, as thousands of blood-thirsty creatures fill its offices, storehouses and mysterious laboratories. Your mission is simple: clear the base at all costs.
  • Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded - A large-scale sequel to the first part of Alien Shooter. This is the unique alloy of arcade action and RPG elements which combines the well-established world of classical games and the unmatched dynamics of the first part.
  • WAKE - An indie game by the creators of The New Satan Sam and Lunnye Devitsy. You are an engineer on a fancy cruise ship, which has gotten hit by a meteorite storm and is now sinking. You must escape the ship and reach the safety raft conveniently atop the sinking ship.
  • LUNNYE DEVITSY - A puzzle platformer concerning a small alien who has fallen off the moon and is now trying to make his way back up there.
  • Really Big Sky - A super fast, twin analogue shooter for the modern age! Way over in the big void of space live some aliens.

If you pay more than $5.62 you will also get these games:

  • Disciples II: Gallean's Return -  A compilation edition that includes the base game, Disciples II: Dark Prophecy, plus the two standalone expansions Disciples II: Guardians of the Light and Disciples II: Servants of the Dark.
  • Altitude - Blast your way across the cartoon skies in this fast-paced game of aerial combat. Nimbly Games has crafted an instantly accessible, rewardingly deep, and ravishingly fun multiplayer action game.

I can see that some of us are getting tired of bundles and the reason is that these bundles keep releasing the same games over and over! But hey, if its very cheap, then that's fine. Right? (right! -ed)

Indie Gala III

[youtube_sc url=""] The new Indie Gala is now live! After the success of the 2 previous Indie Galas, they have released another epic game-plus-music bundle consisting of 5 games plus some music albums and some hidden bonuses. The games that are included in the bundle are:

    • Trapped Dead - You and your friends control your characters in a 3rd person isometric view through a mature Zombie survival scenario inspired by the successful horror films of the early '80s!

    • Greed: Black Order - Hack n slash your way through this science-fiction-themed action/RPG! In the futuristic universe of GREED, the discovery of new interstellar travel possibilities has led to a new age of colonialization.

    • Future Wars - Battle it out on the proving grounds and get ready for Future Wars. Similar to classic titles such as Advance Wars and Battle Isle, the game takes strategy gaming away from the micro-management overkill that it has become and using simple, proven rock-paper-scissors principles, reopens the genre to everyone!

If you pay more than the average price ($4.38 as of this writing), you will get these games:

    • Grotesque Tactics - A story driven, satirical RPG with a strategic combat system. A party of 10 anti-heroes are fighting in a grotesque world that combines the features and clichés of Western and Asian Strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Heroes of Might & Magic and Fire Emblem.

    • Twin Sector - The remains of mankind have been put to artificial sleep in cryogenic chambers deep under the contaminated surface of earth until the planet becomes habitable again. You as the player must take the role of Ashley Simms, the protagonist of Twin Sector.

In the second week of Indie Gala, the bundle's organizers will release additional game/music bonuses! When you buy this bundle you will receive Steam Keys, and you'll be able to donate the money you used to two charity organizations: Child's Play and Save the Children). So get it now!


*All games' descriptions come from the Indie Gala website.

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