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We're just getting started


It's been a bit of a journey, but it's been worth it. We've held our ground against capitalist American pig-dogs, murderous Russian terrorists, fascist Nazi invaders, strange cartoon bad guys with military weaponry, strange cartoon bad guys with bows and axes, mutants, aliens, man-eating animals, giants, trolls, supervillains, Japanese warlords, and spaceships that shoot six million bullets per second at you. Among other things. Also, those fucking Creepers.

More importantly, in the past few months, we've faced all those things and maintained a strong and cohesive community. A huge thank you to everyone for playing, participating, and just plain being you in our chatroom and Mumble server. You guys are what make OMGeek work. Pats on the back and all that.

We're just getting started, though; we've got a lot planned for 2012! Here's what you can expect in the coming weeks:

I can't speak for The Old Republic just yet, but it seems like you guys are getting all organized for that game as well.

All that sounds pretty good to me! You know, on the same day last year, I was just some random shmuck who played L4D in single player mode because I couldn't round up enough people for a session. Today, I'm still a random shmuck--but I have defended the Hilltop on Caspian Border with my buddies. I have cowered under a piece of rock in Fallen Fighters with my comrades. I have defended dungeons with my party. I have foiled Inferno's plans (for the last tiiiime!) with mah Renegades. I have even cut across a serene park in Stilwater in a stolen police car driven by my buddy INQUE while playing as Valve Software Managing Director Gabe Newell with Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend" blaring in the background. AND I HAVE THE PIC TO PROVE IT.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg for this community. Thanks guys. Here's to good friends, good games, and more awesome online experiences in 2012!

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