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The Monday AAR: Server Migrations and Space Pirates

January is ending. The world is ending. Everything is ending.

Not us, though; like many an occult-themed story has pointed out, the death of something means the birth of another. We're starting to institute some big changes at OMGeek, all in the name of the players and the mythical Good Game.

I apologize if I'm spouting nonsense. It's Monday.

Here's a rundown of last week's events:

    • The big news, of course, is OMGeek's brand new Singapore-based server. Expect better pings, more exciting games, and the bigger likelihood that the guy you just knifed in the face can drive over to your house to punch you in the nose, all without crossing any major bodies of water.

      Our Southeast Asian server is finally located in Southeast Asia, though. That's cause for celebration!

    • INQUE's crusade to tweak and test our Evochron Mercenary server to perfection continues. If you haven't tried it out yet, Evochron Mercenary is a free-roaming sandbox of space trading and exploration that reads like an all-star feature list of everything that came before it: the trading of Elite and Privateer, the Newtonian physics of I-War, the modern fancy graphics of X (though admittedly not as fancy!), the multiplayer cooperation and competition of EVE Online, and the unique feature of being able to enter a planet's atmosphere and land on the surface, all in real-time.

      Planet-landing. It's jaw-dropping the first time you pull it off.

    • Finally, you guys might be interested to know that we're moving our Minecraft server to Singapore as well. This means that yes, we're finally doing a world restart, and yes, we're going to make a fun community event out of it. It's an endless world out there; let's make this one last!

      If you can't bear to part with your creations and you want a copy of our currenet world, stay tuned on the Minecraft server forum thread for details.

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