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Quintet: 5 brave souls crash and burn in space

khaaan When I first read about Quintet, I immediately told Jed and Mike that we have to try this out. I knew those two were bigger Trek fans than me, honestly I’m more of a Star Wars guy myself, but I was always intrigued with the starship bridge drama that played out on the show. The pilot at the helm would report where the enemy was and begin evasive maneuvers. If the enemy ship is in range, the Captain would instruct the tactical officer to fire lasers and torpedoes, while engineering boosts the shields and repairs the helm to keep the ship together. And of course the science officer is scanning the enemy ship to determine which beam frequency to use for the next volley to finally eliminate it.

Props to Jayvee for the well timed screenshot!

And now you can all do this! Quintet is a spaceship bridge simulator, and to be frank, we need more games like this! This game is free at the moment and is available in all major platforms except Android, which the developer, Carmine Guida, is doing a Kickstarter for. The cross-platform interconnectivity went really well. Mike and I were playing with the downloaded version, Jed was using his browser to play, and our friend Jayvee, from A Bugged Life, was using his iOS device. Everything went without a hitch and the next thing we knew it, we were buzzing around space and killing enemy fighters and ejecting into escape pods with slightest hint of trouble. Of course, as the Captain of the USS Gigger, I forbade the crew to eject so we can all die like men. Strangely, nobody listened.

The game is really still early in its development cycle, but the basic systems and features work well. All the game needs is more content and maybe a few tweaks here and there. But don’t let that stop you from trying this game since it’s also free! If you want to crew up with us, don’t be shy to hit us up on Steam. We will gladly go with you to where no man has gone before and die a lot along the way.

SimCity: What do you think?

It'll probably be a few more decades before the much-awaited Sim Sim comes out, but in the meantime, the SimCity name is enjoying a newfound burst of popularity with this week's release of the latest in the series: SimCity.

I wonder if we're doomed to reboot all the big gaming franchises over and over, wiping the slate clean every couple decades or so to give the younger generation a fresh start. It's a thought that makes me quite, well, ambivalent. But imagine that. Coming out in 2023: Assassin's Creed. It's not a remake. It's a reimagining!

We're here to discuss the current iteration of SimCity, though. The game has been out since the beginning of this week, and I've seen more than a few people rushing out to get their hands on the game. I'm waiting it out -- more because of the fact that I'm drowning in my gaming backlog as it is than any cheapskate tendencies I might have -- but if you're one of the loyal fans who snapped up the title, what are your thoughts? Are you chomping at the bit to lay down a nice and efficient grid system in a quiet and traffic-free neighborhood, or perhaps you can't wait to unleash a horde of zombie goodness onto a bustling metropolis?

Or do I dare ask if you've been having server problems? I am a first-week Diablo 3 survivor, and I, too, have known such suffering.

Share your thoughts! Organize some games! You just might get me to drop some money on this immediately if you love it that much. 8)

Robots are the New Zombies: TF2 Horde Mode Announced

Hi, fellow OMGeeks! You know I don't usually do gaming news on the website, because I prefer to indulge in my preference for talking and writing about just about anything and neatly sidestepping any requirement for journalistic integrity. I don't think I can really do game criticism either -- you won't catch me slinging around terms like "ludonarrative dissonance" with a straight face. Good god, no.

What I'm here for is to spread the good word about GAMES, and good word there always is. Valve, proving once again that their fingers are firmly jammed, grafted, and molecularly bonded onto the pulse of the gamer community, has released news about their newest addition to Team Fortress 2: a cooperative horde mode with really, really attractive art. I think that in theory, few things would feel better than mowing down a couple hundred scout robots with a giant minigun. I think I'm excited for this, and you should be too. 8)

More news about this is slated to drop tomorrow ("Mercs") and the day after ("Bounty"), so stay tuned. I'm having a bit of trouble with my internet connection at home, unfortunately, so I won't be able to hop around and giggle with glee with the rest of you guys come nighttime. I hope to be back and ready to play once the mode is released later this week!

The Monday AAR - In My Mind, it is Still Monday

This public service comes to you a day late due to some busywork on my part. Also, I've been feeling listless and cranky and unable to drum up any gaming enthusiasm for the past two weeks. Maybe it's the sudden change in the weather, or maybe it's because I just haven't been taking my vitamins. Those things are good for ya.

Or maybe it's because Minecraft has been missing from our lives for the better part of those two weeks. That drought is over, at least, and I've started taking my vitamins again. Now my body has agreed to agree with me once more.

Here's the latest in OMGeek news:

    • You've probably heard -- and seen for yourself -- that our ArmA II server now runs with the ACE and ACRE mods. This means that the game now models things a bit more realistically than the already-realistic vanilla ArmA, and that your radio transmissions are now more likely to break up in static when you're transmitting from inside a two-meter-deep hobbit hole ten kilometers away from the nearest friendly unit. We have a discussion thread for mission suggestions up in here. If you're interested in ArmA, we welcome your input.

      INQUE will have the latest on the ArmA group's latest foray into the perpetually war-torn Takistan in his AAR, soon to be posted here. Those poor Takistani children.

    • Minecraft is indeed back, and to celebrate, we're having an event tomorrow night, which is Wednesday the sixteenth. Be in the chatroom at 8 pm (GMT +8), and get ready to return to our newly-named world of Geekteria, where things have been the way we left them before the Great Lag of 2012 reared its ugly head. We be minin', and diggin', and buildin' walls and warehouses and all that mon. See you there!

    • Blitzio has posted up a new thread asking the community all about cooperative games -- which ones you're currently enjoying, and which ones you consider to be your favorites. Maybe you like a coop game that no one's ever heard about, or you're interested in getting into a pick-up game of whatever's already been mentioned in the thread. I know there's been some kind of renewed interest in Company of Heroes lately. I want in.

      Share your own coop experiences with us. Join in the discussion!

Community, what Coop games are you currently playing and what are your all time favourites?

Completing campaigns and objectives alongside your bros is always a fun experience. First I’d like to get a better understanding as to which coop games you guys love, and then establish this as a sort of bi weekly or monthly post, checking in regularly on what coop games the community is currently playing. I think this will be a fun exercise, giving us all an idea as to what coop games are out there and also discuss our love for old classics as well as some of the new games to look forward to. I’d love to keep a running discussion because truth is, coop is fun, and I know most of us enjoy it because it means we can interact and experience the storyline in a communal and shared environment.

So tell us, what are you currently powering through and what coop games have stuck with you over the years? My personal favourites include the Left 4 Dead series, Men of War (comp stomping), Company of Heroes (comp stomping again!) and I guess you could include ArmA 2 since we pretty much play against the AI at all times. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been currently playing Anno 2070 and Mass Effect 3 on coop and its been good fun. One is strategy/colony development while the other is a third person shooter which I think satisfy and balance out my gaming needs just right.

I’d really like to hear from you on this. Drop a comment or post in the thread.

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