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Reminder: Play Games and Communitize with Us!

Hello community, we’d like to get your help on a few things that we feel will further strengthen OMGeek’s community spirit. We’re working hard to develop a quality gaming experience for all of you with a focus on teamwork and mature interaction. OMGeek is what you make of it and every bit of help is appreciated by all of us in the team.

Top of the list would be putting in extra effort to interact with fellow members, beyond simply playing with each other in the servers. We encourage you to be proactive! Create posts and bring insightful discussions on the threads. We’re all friends here so don’t be shy to be judged. Everyone has the right to say something (just make sure to stick to the guidelines). Another thing to take note of is to interact in our chatroom. Its the best way to reach out to everyone real-time and to schedule games or just kick back and chit-chat.

Also, feel free to start your own game sessions. Weekly? Monthly? Absolutely, it’s all up to you. Here are some tips to make it successful:

  1. Make sure to announce the session at least 1 or 2 days before the planned game
  2. Keep reminding people in the chatroom
  3. You can ask us to write about it on the blog and post it on social media
  4. Use the teamspeak server and reach out to people there in real-time

When it comes to the original content that we post, we’d very much appreciate if you could share, like, retweet and leave a comment on the posts just to help spread the word and get more people outside the community to learn more about us.

Every little bit of effort helps to make this a stronger and tighter community. Thanks, everyone!

OMGeek and Aftershock PC Friendship!

We have formed a friendship with the respected and awesome Singapore-based custom gaming laptop builder Aftershock PC! As of today, the OMGeek community is partnered with them, and will be involved in some of their promotional activities and vice versa.

Of course this means we can expect the greater pc gaming community who use Aftershock rigs to join us. We're also looking forward to meeting people from other pc gaming communities in the region also partnered with Aftershock PC. Expect more awesome things Aftershock-related in the coming weeks.

I'm sure you'll all agree that new friends in the pc gaming realm of Southeast Asia is always a great thing. We're very proud to be associated with Aftershock PC!

Guild Wars 2: Guild up with OMGeek

The Guild Wars 2 launch is so close that I want to flip all the office tables to appease my anxiety (well not really, because that means I'll have to go fix all the computers that fell).

But we still yet to have a solid guild name for our community, thus we're holding the Guild Name Suggestions thread up to August 12, 2012. So if you think you have a cool name with the OMGk acronmys in mind, please don't be shy to post it.

We will conduct a poll also from August 13 to 20 on which name will appropriately christen our guild.

If you already pre-purchased the game and aren't part of the roster yet, please post on the info thread, to make known to all you plan to join the guild. Also, keep an eye on that thread as we will be posting important information like our final guild name (the most important!) and which server we are planning to play on (still deciding on this one).

And of course if you have any information or want to post anything related to Guild Wars 2, feel free to post em in our Guild Wars 2 Boards.

I'm personally looking forward to guilding up with you OMGeeks as I never personally was ever involved in an active guild during the first game. (What about the awesome Jolly Rogers of Endless Virtue [JREV]??? -ed)

Weekly Community Forum Round Up

Here is a quick run down of the top threads this week:

  • Crusader Kings II went on sale this week and the community is looking to set up a coop group soon. Check out the thread.
  • Max Payne 3 Multiplayer has been a blast. Join our crew if you have the game. Thread here.
  • ArmA II heads unite. Operation Rogue Thunder is coming up soon. Check out INQUE's thread for more information.
  • Battlefield 3 Double XP weekend is upon us. I'll be leading a small squad, so let me know if you'd like to join in the fun. Thread here.
  • OMGeek member LYH has a thread on a new Kickstarter game project called Ground Branch. Let us know your thoughts on the game and if its something you will be supporting. Thread here.

Community Forum RoundUp - Reconnoitering ghosts with frozen synapses and a dash of payne

A lot of excitement on upcoming games like Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Max Payne 3 in the forum this past week. In the Ghost Recon thread, Jet posted a video review of the game: [youtube_sc url=""]

I can't wait for June 15 to hit, when the PC version is out in all its glory and we can get some coop action going. Discuss and post your interest if you want to get in on the coop action with the rest of the community!

More community news after the jump.

Max Payne 3 also hits this week! Check out the thread here. 3rd person multiplayer with bullet time anyone? Launch trailer below.

[youtube_sc url="osvR3tJOcPc"]

INQUE, in between running the ArmA 2 group and server is also now organising a small coop group for the indie phased-turn tactics game, Frozen SynapseCheck out his thread here. I'll let the video speak for itself on what the game is all about.

[youtube_sc url="9jJrUY27O0Y"]

Voice Comms Migration on June 1 - We'll stop Mumbling and start Teamspeaking

Hello community, in 10 days we will be switching all voice communications from Mumble to Teamspeak. We're doing this to streamline all communications on one program because at the moment we are running servers for both. Teamspeak has been chosen as our primary VOIP program because it is already used heavily by our ArmA SEA-JTF crew which has ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) integrated, making the overall milsim experience more enjoyable to simulate true military grade software defined radio.

Fret not those of you who are used to Mumble, Teamspeak is exactly as good, both in voice quality and ease of use. Download it here

For details on how to join the OMGeek Teamspeak server check out the forum thread

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