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Extended Operation: Solstice Striker Dry Run

Attention all SEA-JTF warfighters! We will be conducting a dry run for Extended Operation: Solstice Striker this Sunday, 04/01/2012. Make sure to gather up in the Steam chat room @ 1400 hrs (GMT +8).

Make sure to go over our Standing Operating Procedures to know how to properly conduct yourself in the field. If you haven't enlisted yet for the Extended Operation, please do so in this thread.

Mission Briefing for Extended Operation: Solstice Striker

Mission Description for Extended Operation: Solstice Striker

    • A four-day operation spanning from April 5 to 8


    • Assembly:
      • Assembly time of afternoon combatants @ 1400 hrs (GMT+8).
      • Assembly time of evening combatants @ 2000 hrs (GMT+8)
    • Victory Conditions:
      • Dominate & seize control of all towns in Takistan
    • Max Server Player Count: 20 Players
    • Weapon restrictions will not be limited to roles, but consult with FT leader for proper load out.
    • Reply to this thread to enlist and include your preferred role
    • Available Roles:
      • Artillery Operators x2


    • Engineer
      • Team Leader
      • Members x 4
    • Fireteam Alpha, Bravo and Charlie
      • Team Leader
      • Sniper
      • AT Soldier x 2
      • GL Soldier
      • Medic
      • Machine Gunner x2

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