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Indie Royale: The May Hurray Bundle


It's been a while but a new Indie Royale indie bundle is up! I've been busy for the past weeks, but I'm still gonna post every indie bundle that I discover! The games that are included in this bundle are:

  • Dungeon Defenders - Long ago, Etheria was once a land of living legends… Throughout the ages, brave warriors across the realm stood together against the forces of evil, led by immortal beings known as the Old Ones… After a titanic struggle, these champions locked away the power of the Old Ones, inside Eternia Crystals…These legendary heroes have recently left their younger kin in charge of the common castle chores… Bored with their dreary duties, the inexperienced pupils decide to play… And accidentally unleash an ancient force that has long been dormant!
  • Containment: The Zombie Puzzler - An action puzzle game like you’ve never seen before. The goal of Containment is to surround zombies with survivors of the same color. But watch out for the zombies—they'll fight back by infecting the survivors in the street.
  • Data Jammers: FastForward - A continuously moving three dimensional driving and destruction game set within a retro wireframe world of impossible race tracks.
  • Brainpipe - A Plunge to Unhumanity - An easy to pick up first person perspective game of real time spatial navigation and quick reflexes. Supported by hypnotic graphics, ear tickling sound effects and immersive dreamscape music, its free floating forward moving intensity gradually increases from serene to frenetic as you play.
  • Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space - A hybrid science fiction space adventure and strategy game set in the plausibly implausible universe of Digital Eel's critically acclaimed computer game, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (SAIS).

You get some sweet bonuses as well! If you pay at least $7.00, you will get an album: Starscream's Future, Toward the Edge of Forever from the NYC chiptune futurists.

I really love Dungeon Defenders. Got addicted to this game but stopped because no one wants to play the game with me. =( The other games are new to me. Recently, I've been trying to control myself from buying more indie bundles because they are too many. How about you guys, are you still buying indie bundles?

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