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More gaming videos from this week - The latest served up for your enjoyment

It's been a pretty exciting week for videos and I've been happily hunting for what I think are some of the best, and they're all laid out for you. I've got you covered with one of each; a preview, review, a walkthrough and a trailer.

Wolfenstein: The New Order NEW Gameplay Preview

So I grew up on a healthy diet of Wolfenstein 3D and it was undoutbedly one of the most important experiences that shaped my love for pc gaming and FPS games. This new game coming out is definitely piqueing my interest and I probably have no choice but to pick it up when it hits. Wolfenstein: The New Order NEW Gameplay Preview: Here's a preview of Wolfenstein: The New Order, following Andy Kelly's rcent opportunity to go hands-on with the Reich-toppling reboot.

Company of Heroes 2 - Above The Battlefield Trailer

I'm personally extremely excited for this game and have it already pre-ordered on steam. Check out this CG heavy trailer of Company of Heroes 2. The game comes out in a month, and I'll be looking for comp stomping coop partners! Leave a comment here or tweet me if you want to play when the game comes out.

TINY TINA'S Assault on Dragon Keep Gameplay Walkthrough - New Borderlands 2 DLC with Anthony Burch

James, Jed and I call this the game that never ends, because here is another amazingly content rich DLC for Borderlands 2. The last big piece of Borderlands 2 DLC is coming soon, and it's all about Tiny Tina. Check out the first gameplay from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep's fantasy inspired world in this walkthrough with Tara Long and Anthony Burch, the game's writer.

Fuse Review - Co-op Shooter

We here at OMGeek love our coop games and this one caught my attention. After creating the Ratchet and Clank, and Resistance series, Insomniac Games has finally delivered their first multiplatform game in FUSE. Does the co-op shooter seperate itself from the crowd, or does it make us yearn for Insomniac's classic franchises? Watch the video to find out.

Have I missed anything? Do you have suggestions for other gaming videos to check out? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Gaming videos from yesterweek - I can't stop watching these dogs

I love watching gaming videos, in the form of news, trailers, previews or even Let's Play's it's how I unwind after a long day at work. I'm simply too busy to catch up or read during the day so I enjoy kicking back and firing up my favourite YouTube channels or gaming subreddit for the latest. I'd like to make this a regular series of posts to share with you the kind of gaming related videos that pique my interest, and give you some new videos to check out that you may have missed in the past week.

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Interview from IGN

First up we have an interview on Watch Dogs with Dominic Guay, Senior Producer at Ubisoft Montreal talking about how the singleplayer and multiplayer elements will have some sort of persistent tie in, he doesn't go into too much detail, but it certainly sounds promising.

[youtube_sc url=""]

Watch Dogs gameplay preview

More dogs being watched, here is an amazing 5 min gameplay video that shows you how dynamic simulated Chicago is, and the seemingly endless options you have to complete missions or tasks. As a tech nerd, I am absolutely loving the technology featured in this game.

[youtube_sc url=""]

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - True Golden Age of Pirates Trailer

Let's take a break from all the dog watching and check out this new trailer of Assassin's Creed IV. Needs MOAR Johnny Depp if you ask me.

[youtube_sc url=""]

Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack Launch Trailer

Finally some love for one of my favourite games Borderlands 2 with the trailer for the Psycho Pack.

[youtube_sc url=""]

Do you have any gaming videos you'd like to share? Leave a comment or post in the forum and let me know!

What have you been playing?

A good day and a happy May to all the OMGeeks out there! We’re now nearing the midpoint of 2013 -- where did the year go? -- and luckily, we’re not without any notable gaming stories experienced during the past five months. Gaming news sites and blogs usually talk about what’s hot and what just came out, but the humble founders of OMGeek also hold day jobs on top of maintaining the site, and sometimes we only find the time to play the year’s hottest games weeks or months after release.

I know I’m the only one who’s played Bioshock Infinite so far. Not that I’m keeping score.

Read on to see what we’ve been playing. Share your gaming stories with us as well! What new (and old) games have captured your gaming time recently?

Borderlands 2!

Yeah, we’re still not done. The game crescendoed towards an epic climax, and we thought we were at the end, but it turns out we weren’t and then the game threw another handful of sidequests at us. It feels like we’ve scraped Pandora raw and there still are more things to do. Why, Anthony Burch???


Now this is a delightful little game that we’ll be sure to continue soon. We played a round or three with fellow OMGeek Exodus and we had a thrilling, piano-banging good old time. I’m a huge fan of Left 4 Dead, so now I’m thoroughly convinced that good cooperative games -- and this is certainly a good one -- reach the peak of the fun-meter when things go horribly, horribly wrong.


This free-to-play MMO just went open beta a few days ago, and already some of our members are in the level 20 range! As level 4 shmucks, INQUE and I went dungeon-delving into the depths and slums of Neverwinter. Astonishingly, our cleric-wizard two-man band decimated everything from undead rotters to bandits with the tactile and entertaining combat. Time will tell if this is a keeper, but I’ll certainly be coming back to it in the coming weeks.

Far Cry 3!

We might have never mentioned it before, but Far Cry 3 houses a highly polished cooperative mode that deserves more attention than it ever got. We like responsive controls and iron sights and rough-and-tumble firefights as much as anyone, but the real gem in here for me is the ability to clear some areas stealthily. There’s nothing like pulling off a clean sync kill with no artificial gaming aids to make it happen.

Dead Space 3!

I’ve played through the first two Dead Space games in the past couple of months, so it’s only natural for me to go ahead and continue the story. This time, though, INQUE came along for the ride as John Carver, well-known douche and infrequent succumber to creepy hallucinations. We’re still tooling around in derelict space ships, and I’m loving the atmosphere so far. I really hope this doesn’t get lamer down the road.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North!

And now, for one of those older games I was talking about! War in the North is a brawling game in the grand tradition of Double Dragon, Final Fight, and The Warriors. With magic. And bows. And unintentionally hilarious talking eagles. It’s difficult too, which we did not expect, but the RPG-style character progression is quite deep, and the character-specific abilities make everyone feel useful. We’ll be playing this again soon.

Which games have been monopolizing your attention? Let us know!

Coop Commentary - Borderlands 2 (of pizzas and sewers and the destruction of our childhood)

When we last left our brave trio of adventurers, they were busy swapping seats inside their newly-built Bandit Technical, which seats four and launches giant razor discs of death. That trio would be us, by the way. We are the brave trio of adventurers.

What we're still playing:

Borderlands 2! Read part 1 of our journey here.

Who we're playing:

Mike (blitzio): Axton (Max Payne in Brazil) James (INQUE): Salvador (angry jockey in a ballcap) Jed (jRev): Zero (orange cylon who wears his level on his shoulder)

Check inside for our continuing adventures on Pandora!


We had been put to task: put together a vehicle that resembled the ones the bandits drove around, and infiltrate their base of operations. Time was of the essence, so obviously we spent half an hour just touring around the barren wasteland, wasting other trucks and picking up some snazzy-looking hood ornaments sculpted in the shape of Scooter’s generously proportioned sister, Ellie. INQUE took his position inside the mounted razor blade turret, and blitz clambered up from the back to cover our six. I, of course, was driving. I got behind the wheel, revved her up, and promptly smashed our left fender against a gate post.

So much for a grand entrance.

You may THINK I was headed straight for that cactus. You would be RIGHT.

The ride went pretty well, though; it was a rush pulling up alongside another truck, matching its speed -- without analog gas controls, this meant tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard at just the right intervals -- and letting my passengers let rip. FIRE THE STARBOARD BROADSIDE and all that! I would totally play helmsman in a pirate sea combat game.

I let loose with the cool lingo, calling out bandits at 6 o’clock and enemy buzzards dead ahead. That was when I had the time to spot them from a dozen sand dunes away. Usually though, my military-speak consisted of such brevity codes as “Over there!” and “Gogogoshootit!”

Our desert adventures culminated in a gigantic leap from a natural rock formation that served us as a ramp highway (complete with a three-voiced chorus of, “Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”), landing our vehicle right in the middle of hostile territory the danger zone swarming with gun-toting bandits, GI Joe-esque buzzard vehicles that strafed us from the skies, and three very upset and very shirtless men in aviators who tried to bum rush us after we set fire to their precious volleyball net in the sand. We watched each other’s backs and wasted them all one by one, like proper wingmen should.

I’m not nailing this reference thing right, am I? Well, you had to be there.

It’s not that easy to make out, but that burning line used to be a volleyball net.

Night had fallen by the time we were done with our business -- business which was totally important and not optional or tangential in any way. The clock was ticking and we had to go save Roland, so we traipsed on back to Sanctuary to resupply, buy new guns, change our outfits and headgear, and to waste ammo on Claptrap. After that, we set off towards the snowy peaks, determined to get to the bottom of a strange new cult that had sprung up around the idea of worshipping Lilith, the Siren from the first game, as some kind of deity.

Roland, you say? Who’s that?

Now, I wouldn’t want to bore anyone with our experiences with the Firehawk cult -- it was just a good long smorgasbord of shooting, exploding, stabbing, and looting. Sure, there was some burning, but not much; a handful of the cultists were resistant to fire, which kind of made sense in a gamey way.

Stocking up on ammo. But what I’m really doing is showing off my tights.

We also took out a giant burning spiderant and got ourselves lost in the mountains, largely because of poor in-game minimap rendering. Seriously. Blue lines to denote everything from walls to cliffs to bridges? Where’s the elevation on this thing? I’m not saying we were just bad at following waypoints, but maybe we’re just too smart to blindly follow waypoints.

Yeah, that makes way more sense. Let’s stick with that.

Good for a laugh: Mike’s turret taking out some Rakk. Over and over.

Our little cult adventure reached its zenith during the quest line’s penultimate mission, which involved us setting a midget pyromaniac psycho loose from his port-a-potty prison, stuffing him into one of our packs, and chaining him up right in front of a fire-breathing dragon figurehead at the fore of a gigantic ship perched on top of an icy mountain. A simple button press swung him over to be immolated beyond recognition even as he sang of his love and adoration for the Firehawk. Lilith seemed to appreciate the whole thing, which INQUE found deeply disturbing. That didn’t stop us from taking our comical souvenir pictures, though!

Here’s Mike’s dramatic yet straightforward shot.

Here’s an action-packed picture James took from a dynamic angle.

And here’s my piece of shit extreme closeup!

It was at this point when I started noticing changes in my two traveling companions: INQUE had lost the LA Lakers garb in favor of a more subdued color scheme, and he now wore a baseball cap over the dreadlocks which had served him so well in the past. Even more drastic was the change blitz underwent, going from clean-cut commando to baseball cap-wearing mercenary to Crimson Lance helmet-donning legionnaire to what I could only describe as the unholy love child of Double Agent-era Sam Fisher and that Tier One guy on the Medal of Honor box. Or, come to think of it, Max Payne in Brazil. Yeah, that’s what he looked like.

I, of course, had no such options as Zero. I could choose between “pointy helmet”, “alien helmet”, “robot helmet”, and “cylon helmet”. Don’t even ask me to point out which one is which. I wouldn’t know.

“Okay, guys. Here’s the plan. Whisper whisper whisper...”

So, having run out of more important things to do, we resigned ourselves to getting Roland out of whatever mess he had gotten himself into. We drove up to the bandit compound and infiltrated it effortlessly -- no sweat. Which is to say, it began with us honking the horn at a crude metal gate, and ended with us two levels more powerful. Other stats? A combined total of about eight to ten player deaths, and a bandit body count of roughly five hundred. Give or take a hundred. I grew as a ninja during this time -- having cranked up my melee attack to do 500% damage to baddies who were at low health, I began zooming around the battlefield, reciting haikus about trap cards and moving into the optimal position to do some creative backstabbing. Most of the time, this ended up with me with zero (get it? har har) health deep in hostile territory, crying out for a revive, but I like to think I had my good runs. There were a handful. Or a couple.

The battle to rescue Roland soon shifted from inside a cell block to a madcap chase along a dam, where we found ourselves in a three-way battle between us, the bandits, and a platoon of killer robots. We weren’t equipped for fighting machines at that point -- we were rocking fire weapons and we had no acid-elemental guns on us, but we did formulate some tactics to combat the new threat. The volume of fire was where it was at, since the robots never took cover the way live targets did. blitz cleverly deployed his turret on high ground on top of car wrecks, shipping containers and other debris, where it effectively took out walkers and flyers alike.

A turret up high: man’s best friend.

When we found Roland, he was imprisoned on top of what looked like a robotic wine cask. We took it apart with some effort, along with with the roughly ten thousand robots that kept dropping in one after the other. There was no floor to speak of after we were done. The scrap heap of metallic parts was the floor. This was when I realized that this game needs some kind of a high five mechanic, because damn, we were awesome in that last firefight!

So Roland was safe, and we spent another long while back in Sanctuary, buying even more guns and recuperating and listening to Dr. Zed bitterly sourgrape about medical licenses and shooting Claptrap some more. We took a job from the entertainingly deranged Dr. Patricia Tannis, who somehow survived the events of Borderlands 1, and ended up venturing into the sewers to kill four teenage mutant dudes who had ninja skills and liked pizza.


As blitz had put it, we had just taken on a sidequest to kill our childhood.

Even more horrific surprises awaited us as we explored their pad, because their rat-like master was holed up back there and we had to waste him too. I’m just feeling empty inside as I write this. Or dead. I’m dead inside. We didn’t even get any cool new guns for our trouble. Or nunchuks! I would have been happy with nunchuks!

This would be a great time for a driving song!

Now, here’s the interesting bit: on our way into the sewers, we came across a detached AI core that wanted a body. This, of course, was an AI in a bad part of town, which presumably had been yanked out of a bad robot, who had bad things planned for us, its would-be rescuers. So we stuck it into a giant robot’s body, during which it promptly tried to kill us. Also, it blew up in my face as I tried to move in for the kill, which was quite off-putting.

We set off to find the AI core another body after it promised not to pull a fast one on us again (blitz: “Why are we doing this?”), and after shoving it into an appropriately deadly-looking industrial shell, we were again plunged into a battle for our very lives as it pulled a fast one on us again -- this time with giant lasers and other, smaller robots. Several migraine-inducing minutes of shocking violence later, the AI core was once again lying on the ground, bodiless and pleading for a greater purpose in its artificial life. Maybe we could stick it in a radio, it suggested.

Hey. Maybe we will. Maybe we will.


It’s the little things in this game that truly make it a gem. With the not so subtle nods to pop culture classics like Top Gun with the shirtless dudes playing volley ball, great balls of fire and always being someones wingman, Borderlands 2 just loves to pay tribute (by making you kill and destroy all such references). One can say it sometimes takes it heartbreakingly far. Or perhaps its sort of like that feeling some people (with issues) describe when they see something so cute and lovable, that they just want to squeeze the life out of it. Well Borderlands 2 is kind of like that. And believe me it is fun.

Go ninja go ninja go!

As Jed so rightly described earlier, there was this side mission that essentially had us murder what can only be described as my favourite action cartoon when I was 6 years old, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It just felt so wrong, but by the end of the massacre of the “mutants” and their boss “Flinter” we could no longer stop ourselves from laughing hysterically from the sheer absurdity of the situation. I realized it had been decades since I last thought about my childhood cartoon and all of a sudden here it was again. Cue flashbacks of my youth eating anchovie pizza while watching TMNT. Strangely enough although I thought I felt bad at first, putting a bullet through Splinter’s, I mean Flinter’s head, the whole affair was a cathartic release for me. Almost therapeutic. What does that say about my childhood? Who knows, all I want is a pizza right now and really who can blame me? My names's Mike after all.

The bittersweet ding that ushered in the end of Master Flinter’s reign.


As soon as we loaded up the game, I was pretty excited for the Bandit class vehicle. You know, that 4-seater vehicle with either a turret that shoots freaking saw blades (Hell yes!), or a catapult that lobs an explosive barrel. Gearbox finally took the hint and was able to create a vehicle that everyone in the party can ride, because blowing up vehicles together, makes the party stronger! So okay, I just totally made that up.

Those guys over there are about to become stronger, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, for building up Salvador, I really took into the mindset of being a Gunzerker. Which means, throwing as much lead as I possibly can, without reloading too much and having really deep pockets for ammo. I guess I took it too far when I noticed that I kept running out of bullets after every boss encounter. Shooting in this game is just too damn fun. Shooting Rockets with your right hand and a shotgun on your left is divine.

Seconds before I flush myself down a giant drain.

When we come back next time: We install the AI core into a radio! We meet Roland’s special drunkard “friend”! We shoot Claptrap! We look at more guns, glorious guns!

Coop Commentary - Borderlands 2 (or: Gunshoots for His Lordship Sir Hammerlock)

Coop Commentary is a series of posts designed to give you an idea as to how the gameplay feels in our eyes. It is not meant to be a definitive review in any way shape or form about the game. The 3 of us usually kick back every couple of weeks and play a coop game and decided to write down our thoughts.

What we're playing:

Borderlands 2!

Who we're playing:

Mike (blitzio): Axton (the new turret guy) James (INQUE): Salvador (the dwarf) Jed (jRev): Zer0, or the significantly less cuter name of Zero (the masked guy)

Check inside for our initial foray into Borderlands 2!


Playing as Axton, the military esque Commando with a portable turret, I immediately focused on providing fire support for Jed and James. In accordance with US army field manual #3246 in article XII, the doctrine for positional superiority dictates that an engaged and prolonged nature of attack must commence from the rear with combined arms and support. Ok I totally made that bit up. Milfag detected.

You now have a grenade.

Moving forward, I think the playstyle of this class is for the kind of person who enjoys hanging back and providing covering and suppressing fire for his comrades. From time to time I’d find a perch, switch to a heavy damage sniper rifle and hit targets while the turret provides cover fire for the boys, feels good man. I’d say our group dynamic has been pretty solid with constant communication on Teamspeak and using the typical fire and manuever basic tactics we have learned from other games and movies we have watched over the years; which as 4chan would term in true “milfag” fashion.

Us raiding Roland's pad!

Having played the first Borderlands, the transition to this was pretty seamless, with obvious graphical and visual improvements, however I am experiencing the occassional fps drop/stutter which is pretty strange on my machine (i5 2500k, 8GB Ram, GTX 680). Upon meticulous googling, I realised this problem is pretty common for guys with Nvidia cards, so I’m hoping for a future patch/driver update. Otherwise the game is still very playable for me, and I look forward to many more coop sessions and completing the game with the boys.


Half an hour after our brief character creation session, we were knee-deep in Bullymong entrails and bandit corpses. We made the acquaintance of the dapper Sir Hammerlock, and began to gravitate towards our preferred weapons.

Buying guns at the Happy Pig Motel: fun for the whole family!

Borderlands is like a psych exam in loot form: you can tell much about a person from his weapons of choice in Borderlands. I went with a grenade launcher/SMG combo -- I prefer the indirect approach, so the grenades are for indiscriminate firing from a distance, and the SMG is for emptying out into the backs of bandit heads after I sneak behind them with my invisibility power. I also have a sword, which of course is for embedding into the backsides of my enemies. No direct confrontation here -- my two teammates are doing enough of that already. INQUE is always grabbing shotguns left and right, and blitzio has his assault rifle and turret.

The neatest thing about all this is certainly the wide range of guns that the game can spit out at us! We've got pistols that have side-loading mags, shotguns with drums, and fire-spitting assault rifles that only accept high-tech batteries. We actually spent a good amount of time showing off our guns -- something we do in RPGs that lack other show-offable things like silly hats. Unfortunately, some animations like "fanning" a single-action revolver aren't visible on the third person model. That's a bit of a shame.

Shown here: INQUE's magnificent pink car.

We did get some adventuring done, too. We quickly established the unspoken rule that Claptrap must always be shot in the face whenever he talks, and that pink vehicles are hip and stylish. We leapt our fair share of ravines and failed less than half of those attempts. We also went on a merry hunt for Bullymong fur, chasing wounded Bullymongs all over the icy expanse to punch them dead (only Bullymongs killed by melee will drop fur), only to moan loudly when a stray bullet from a trigger-happy spread lands on the wrong target.

Good times. Now that we have a nice and secure operation based out of Sanctuary, things can only get better and wilder from here!


After the new classes were being revealed before the game was released, I decided on the get-go I wanted to play as the “Gunzerker”. Not only did Salvador look like a dwarf, he can dual-wield any combination of guns in the game. I long for the day when I can get 2 rocket launchers and keep spamming’ em to hell. But so far, while putting in a few hours into the game with Jed and Mike, the experience has been very enjoyable.


Shooting and collecting guns, guns, guns is what’s it all about and the game does it very well. For now I’ve been focusing on collecting good assault rifles and shotguns, the launchers have just been introduced and I’m very much looking forward to them (SEE: dual rocket launchers above).

Standing back while Claptrap takes a serious beating. We stood back and enjoyed the view for longer than was probably appropriate or polite.

I am genuinely looking forward to progressing the game and wanting more guns to shoot at those blasted bullymongs (and Claptrap)!

NEXT TIME: We get into the groove of questing and take the bandit technical for a long desert drive!

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