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Featured Community Member Post - Bobthekillerpenguin

We love our community, and we want to give each and every OMGeek a voice to be heard. Today, I received something written by Bobthekillerpenguin of awesome BF3 guide fame, and I have put it up here for everyone to see. With this piece starts a new section called the Featured Community Member Post, where we will put up something written by a member of the community as a blog post on the front page. If you've written something you'd like to share with us, or if you're interested in writing something, shoot me an email at!

Why I Chose to be an OMGeek

by Bobthekillerpenguin

I have been thinking why I joined the OMGeek community. Was it because of my friendship with Blitzio? Maybe. Was it because I was a lone wolf, now slightly mature, slower and in need of the protection a pack offers? Most likely.

The reality is that after 4 years of console gaming with loud mouthed, foul mouthed, glory hogging randoms, I just wanted a great bunch of guys to play video games with once or twice a week. So I took a calculated risk.

Blitzio, an original OMGeek, is a genuinely awesome person IRL. Sure his hair never moves or looks any different day to day, and he misses the odd gym session or turns up with just ten minutes left on the clock, but the point is he is a great guy. I figured that by extension his gaming buddies would be too.

I wasn’t disappointed. Within days of joining I had personal messages wishing me a happy birthday (erm…I turned 25….and if you believe that I have some magic snake oil I can sell you) from the other original OMGeeks. But that’s all sappy crap that you, a potential OMGeeker, probably don’t give two hoots (what is this circa 1950’s Suburban America?) about.

What you will give a hoot (there it is again!) about is the fact that we have a small dedicated community of good solid gamers. Now maybe one or two of us can compete at the highest levels but most of us just seem to enjoy a good game and competing for the A Squad ribbon. The banter is awesome on mumble – Zackler, our Moderator at Large, does a mean Arnold Schwarzenegger impression - and the server is well looked after.

You’ll find the forum is very active and multiple issues get discussed. We range from BF3 squads and tactics to Minecraft and even some well-placed links sending you to awesome tunes such as Haddaway’s ‘What is Love’. What more could you want!?

Becoming an OMGeek supporter guarantees you a reserved slot on the server. So if the server is ever full all you have to do is request a spot and - bam – you’re killing Russians or Yanks in minutes!

Also you get thrown into a pretty awesome draw system where you stand the chance to win a video game. Better than a kick in the balls (lady bits if you are a girl), eh?

So you have a choice to make. Join the likes of JRevita, Inque, Zarcolitic and myself for light-hearted, but ultimately A(ish) grade quality gaming, with excellent banter and admin support – or go it alone and feel isolated from the world at large.

Alternatively you can join another clan – but we won’t be extended too many pleasantries in that respect ;)

There are some great clans out there, we especially like BADASS clan.

My final thought? I became an OMGeek to enjoy BF3 to its full potential. So if that is your main driver then join us (believe me it is SO much better when you work as a close knit squad and platoon).

If you are looking for more and in need of a genuinely open and relaxed gaming community, dedicated to South Eastern Asian gamers, then you may have found a home.

Thinking about it? All you need is a computer, headset, download mumble and search for OMGeek.

See you on the Battlefield - hopefully with the [OMGk] tag.


Bobthekillerpenguin's Battlefield 3 survival guide part 2

Welcome back! We continue the family-friendly fun here with part 2 of Bobthekillerpenguin's Battlefield 3 survival guide. Come back tomorrow for part 3! Click here to enlarge Click here to enlarge


by Bobthekillerpenguin

RULE 3—Ok. Chances are you aren’t gonna exercise. So do it at your computer.

Between games, respawns or even every 30 minutes drop down and do 20 press-ups or do 20 body weight squats. But STRETCH first. Below you will find some examples of how you can use stretches and body weight exercises to keep you fit and not eat into your pressure gaming time.


Shoulder Shrugs - Rotate your shoulders slowly up and down, keeping your arms relaxed by your side. Your shoulders should rotate in small circles and move up and down in slow distinct movements.

Chest Stretch - Grab a vertical and stationary object with your hand. Pull your body away from your arm in order to feel the stretch of your chest and shoulder connection. Also stretches your bicep.

Forearm Stretch - With your opposite hand pull backwards on your hand while keeping your arm straight and palm pointing in an upward direction. You will feel this stretch in the forearm and bicep / elbow connection

Arm / Shoulder Stretch - Drop your shoulder and pull your arm across your chest. With the opposite arm, gently pull your arm across your chest and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat with the other arm.

Triceps into Back Stretch - Place both arms over and behind your head. Grab your right elbow with your left hand and pull your elbow toward your opposite shoulder. Lean with the pull. Repeat with the other arm.

Stomach Stretch - Lie on your stomach. Push yourself up to your elbows. Slowly lift your head and shoulders and look up at the sky or ceiling. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat two times.

Calf Stretch into Achilles Tendon Stretch - Stand with one foot 2-3 feet in front of the other. With both feet pointing in the same direction as you are facing, put most of your body weight on your leg that is behind you - stretching the calf muscle. Now, bend the rear knee slightly. You should now feel the stretch in your heel. This stretch helps prevent Achilles tendonitis, a severe injury that will sideline most people for about 4-6 weeks.

ITB Stretch - Sit on the ground with your legs crossed in front of you. Keeping your legs crossed bring the top leg to your chest and bend it at the knee so that your foot is placed outside of your opposite leg's thigh. Hold your knee for 15 seconds against your chest and repeat with the other leg. Note: Before and after running you should perform the ITB stretch. This will help prevent very common overuse injuries in the hips and knees.

Thigh Stretch Standing - Standing, bend your knee and grab your foot at the ankle. Pull your heel to your butt and push your hips forward. Squeeze your butt cheeks together keep your knees close together. You can hold onto something for balance if you need to OR you can lie down on your hip and perform this stretch.

For more information go to

Bodyweight Exercises Press ups—chest to the floor soldier!

Squats—the MOST important exercise you can do!

To be continued.

This was part 2 of Bobthekillerpenguin's BF3 survival guide. Stay tuned tomorrow for part 3!

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