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Minecraft is back!

Friends, good news! The OMGeek Minecraft server is returning to live status due to popular demand from our community regulars! What's more, we're introducing something new to the mix: Tekkit Lite, a strange and wonderful cocktail of mods that enable all sorts of technological and magical miracles to come to life. We're talking power plants, power suits, expanded engineering objects, and more!

I'm still studying the damn thing myself. It's overwhelmingly exciting.

Read on to view the details of our Minecraft launch event!

Date: Febuary 13, 2013 Time: 9:00pm GMT +8 Address: For permissions: Introduce yourself in-game or in our chatroom Other things to remember: Join our TeamSpeak server to easily communicate in-game!

Simple, right? Right. See you then!

Announcement: We like to Stare at Screens

Mentlegen, a word.

You might be aware that OMGeek is passionately dedicated to being the instrument that brings the diverse gamer population of Southeast Asia together into a friendly, tight-knit community. It's not always easy, and we've already had our various ups and downs. But gosh durn, ain't no one else gone do this and a man's gotta bear the Lord's work hisself 'afore he gets his just desserts. Cue tumbleweeds tumbling, rattlesnakes rattling, coyotes howling, and the distinct timbre of a banjo being broken over someone's head.

No, working towards one great big Southeast Asian gaming community is not easy. Fortunately, as is turns out, we're not alone in this!

We're very excited to announce that we've gotten in touch with the delightful people behind Staring at Screens, a highly entertaining gaming podcast based in Singapore! Not only did we feel an instant rapport the moment we loaded up their first episode (because we, too, grew up all intense and bleary-eyed from too much Staring at Screens during our largely productive youth), but we also appreciate the distinct Asian perspective that they offer when it comes to games and gaming culture.

Starting next week, we will be posting updates about SAS's episodes as they go live! We're hoping to extend their reach to promote more interaction and discussion among gamers in the region. In the meantime, if you haven't done so yet, drop by the Staring at Screens website to listen to all their episodes, and follow the crew on Twitter: @StaringScreens.

Go listen! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Introducing: the OMGeek Community Constitution

As part of our efforts to reconstruct and improve the community experience among the members of the OMGeek community, we have put together a set of rules for people to live by. It's a wild world out there in the internet, and to maintain our desire for a friendly and open community, we'd like everyone to behave within certain boundaries. Don't worry; there's nothing unreasonable in here. Ultimately, common sense rules the day. If you're friendly, reasonable, and cooperative, you'll be just fine.

We'd also like to credit the Gamers with Jobs community, as we patterned this constitution after their own Code of Conduct.

The OMGeek Community Constitution

Being a record of rules aimed towards the ultimate realization of non-dickery on the internet

I. Treat all community members with respect

Be respectful to all members that you interact with, ingame on chat and forums. Debating and arguing over topics is fine, as long as you are respectful of each others views. Please act like you would in real life: you would respect another human being (we would hope), so please do the same in our community.

II. No drama and personal attacks

We are looking for a mature pc gaming community and expect that of all players in-game, in the chatroom, and in the forums. If you ever have any issues with another player, discuss this in private with one of the mods or admins by PMing them. There is no need to drag everyone into an extended episode of One Tree Hill. We’re here to play games and have fun.

III. No excessive profanity

The key word here is excessive. We don’t mind profanity in some level, but what we do mind is too much profanity when communicating with other members or outright insults/bullying. Keep it mature and as level-headed as possible. A good rule of measure to this is to use your common sense.

IV. You must attempt to follow the English standard

We all hail from different countries in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world, so we assume that everyone is well versed enough in English to navigate the internet. We encourage everyone communicating in straight English. Colloquial English with a mix of the local dialect (Taglish, Singlish, Manglish etc) is not advised and we encourage everyone to communicate in standard English so we can all understand each other clearly.

V. Usernames are not to be vulgar or ridiculously childish

Keep your Steam, ingame and forum usernames appropriate. No childish or vulgar usernames will be tolerated. Know how to be appropriate and mature enough to follow this guideline.

VI. Give value to community interaction and activities

Good and constant interaction will ensure the quality and activity of the community. We cannot stress this enough. Keep forum discussions alive, interact via chat, and participate in community events.We value quality over quantity for our membership. Our ultimate goal is not to have the biggest community in terms of members, but a community with like-minded, mature and fun people.

VII. Check your negative attitude out the door

If you have anything to say, say it properly! OMGeek was founded to be a mature and friendly community, and toxic attitudes need not apply. We will listen to any and all complaints and criticism as long as they remain constructive. If there is something you need to get off your chest, do so with a level head and discuss with us. We are a very open community.

VIII. Maturity

If you have ideas or recommendations for the community, please feel free to convey it in a mature manner of discourse, in the forum, chatroom or to the mods/admins via PM. OMGeek values itself as a mature, open and tolerant online community. Additionally, we do not have a policy on a minimum age limit, but we expect all members of the community to behave in a mature manner. This is expected in the forums, chatroom and ingame playing with other members. Immaturity isn’t welcome.

IX. In-game behavior

Please treat your fellow players and members with respect. The old adage do unto others most certainly applies here. If we have specific set of guidelines for particular games, follow them.

A. Consequences

1st Offense = Private Warning 2nd Offense = Public Warning 3rd Offense = Good bye

The co-founders and appointed moderators of the community have their own responsibilities away from the keyboard, which means the less moderation and drama being dealt with, the better. Ultimately what we want is more time for everyone to focus on playing together as a community.

Please note that the rules laid down here are not up for debate. We expect all the members of OMGeek to follow these rules -- it all boils down to "don't be a dick," but we got a little more specific just to be safe. We want everybody to behave to ensure that everybody has a good gaming experience AND a good community experience.

Waveform for mobile: now officially a thing

The first time that we laid eyes on an early version of Waveform from Eden Industries, one question had already been brewing in our heads. We were intrigued by its surreal yet science-y premise and we wanted to try it out, but even before we got our hands on the game, we had always wanted to know: is it coming out for mobile?

Well, now it is! Ryan Vanderdyck, founder of Eden Industries, has confirmed that Waveform will indeed make it to the Android and iOS platforms later this year. We asked Ryan a few questions about the ports. Here's what he told us. See our brief exchange inside:

OMGeek: How did you arrive at the decision to make a mobile port?

Ryan: It was the number one most requested thing by the community! And something we had been wanting to do for a while, since the controls seem like such a natural fit.

OMGeek: What development challenges did you encounter?

Ryan: The main challenge was adapting the in-house Eden Industries engine to the mobile platforms. Although we could’ve used a common engine like Cocos, we felt that getting our own engine working would provide us the most flexibility in the future.

OMGeek: What's your planned release date?

Ryan: Whenever it’s done :) . It’s really hard to say at this point since development is still ongoing.

OMGeek: Will the Android and iOS versions be simultaneously released?

Ryan: The iOS will likely release first, as development on that is further along.

OMGeek: How much will the mobile versions cost?

Ryan: I haven’t quite decided yet. It’ll probably be free to download with microtransactions to unlock all of the content.

Thanks for the update, Ryan! Watch out for Waveform for mobile later this year! We'll also have more updates concerning Eden Industries in the coming days, both Waveform and non-Waveform related, so stick around!

Update for the ARMA 2 Community

As promised last week in the forum post, I just wanted to update you guys on our training plan and our overall direction for OMGeek's ARMA 2 community.

Our mods and other key members of the community are helping us out on formulating the direction and training plan for our ARMA 2 community. We're just finalizing some details and will hopefully be ready to share this with everyone soon.

I know there have been concerns how disorganized the gameplay has been lately, and some of you might feel I've not been paying attention to the quality of gameplay in our servers. As one of the co-founders of this community, believe me when I say that I am. Mostly, I work behind the scenes and ask the help of our moderators to give me some updates on what's going on, and we are brainstorming ideas on how to improve things.

We are still a fairly new community so there are a lot of growing pains, but on the other hand, there are a lot of opportunities to help us grow and become a successful community. We are also not forcing you to stay if you have found this community isn't up to your expectations as there are a lot of other ARMA 2 communities out there that may be suitable to your tastes. But to those who stay and who sincerely want to help grow and shape the community, we, the co-founders and moderators, will be forever grateful. The more you put into helping and cooperating to build a better community, the more you will get out of it. Whining and complaining how bad everything is doesn't help, so if you're going to sit and whine about problems to the co-founders and moderators instead of helping out to provide us with logical solutions, I don't think OMGeek is for you.

Apologies for ending with such a negative tone, but we're just pointing out some realities of what our community is and will be in the future. Again, we seek your full cooperation once we release our plans.

ArmA II Operation Incoming!

It's been a very long time since the SEA-JTF has participated in an Operation. Since the holidays are coming, what better way to spend it with shooting up some terrorists with your brothers-in-arms (while calling in the occasional A-10 CAS if things get too hot).

Mark your calendars soldiers! We're looking into December 23, 2012 as a date for the OP. Details of the mission will follow, but expect it to be staged in Celle2 (better update your SixUpdater if you haven't).

I will be posting Team and Role assignments soon in the forums so watch out for that if you want to participate and if you're eyeing a particular role.

In the mean time, enjoy this video that one of our mods and ArmA II regulars, Chino (aka Kan707) took:

[youtube_sc url=""]

Looking forward to everyone participating in this OP!

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