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The Monday AAR: Rogue Thunder is Coming

Happy Monday, gamerfriends! Here's another rundown of what happened in the community this past week. No stupid little anecdote for this edition, unfortunately. I spent most of the weekend alternating between going out to buy things and going home to sleep -- morning, noon, and night. That's no fun.


    • Operation: Rogue Thunder begins this week! INQUE will post details here as they are revealed. In the meantime, if you're looking to participate, visit the role assignments thread to see if you have a proper role already assigned to you.

    • It was Double XP Weekend for Battlefield 3 this weekend, and some of the OMGeeks were present to participate! Our very own blitzio led a squad composed of t43m4n, riffscreamer, and Exodus, and fought bravely while it lasted. Stay alert for similar events! If there's one coming up, someone on OMGeek is probably already organizing something for it.

    • The guys have gotten organized in Max Payne 3 multiplayer, and I hear it's going great. I just haven't been able to participate because, well, I didn't buy the game. The community is getting a crew together though, so sign up here if you're interested in rolling past some Brazilian slums as a gang. That's indicative of the actual gameplay experience, isn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • Part 2 of my series of articles about horror games just went up last Wednesday. Read it here, or if you missed the very first one, you can find it here. I discuss the theme of choice and consequence and the significance of uncertainty in the latest article. Next Wednesday, we'll talk about horror games and innovation. Stay tuned!

Weekly Community Forum Round Up

Here is a quick run down of the top threads this week:

  • Crusader Kings II went on sale this week and the community is looking to set up a coop group soon. Check out the thread.
  • Max Payne 3 Multiplayer has been a blast. Join our crew if you have the game. Thread here.
  • ArmA II heads unite. Operation Rogue Thunder is coming up soon. Check out INQUE's thread for more information.
  • Battlefield 3 Double XP weekend is upon us. I'll be leading a small squad, so let me know if you'd like to join in the fun. Thread here.
  • OMGeek member LYH has a thread on a new Kickstarter game project called Ground Branch. Let us know your thoughts on the game and if its something you will be supporting. Thread here.

The Monday AAR: Community Edition

Happy Monday, and all that.

Frankly, I can't say much about what's been happening this past week. I've just been playing Minecraft. And the Diablo III beta. And a little bit of Grimrock. Not much; it really has become too hot to game for hours on end.

Let's do a recap, anyway:

    • All went well on the ArmA front, I have been told. I presume without taking down the details that the SEA-JTF met up at a military base, boarded a transport vehicle of some kind, talked at length while looking at a map, ran across some dirt, and killed a handful of gun-wielding locals -- all of this with style. Yes: looks like we have made the world safe for democracy for yet another week. Throw up that salute, you disrespectful twit!

      INQUE also specifically requested that I mention how "Gunso and Fong went GTA on some Takistan insurgents [in an IFV]", so there you go!

    • Minecraft, then. We've been steadily expanding outwards from our initial top-secret mountaintop base of operations, and we've got all sorts of cool gadgets to facilitate this expansion: elevators, train, log jam rides, you name it. Everytime I enter the server, someone's left something cool and clever for everyone else to mess with.

      We've also begun a nice residential area somewhere southwest of the mountain beside a winding river. There's a central tower there for manly-I-was-here purposes, but soon we'll get to work building our houses. There's also a portal to the nether on top of the tower, but we'll get to that. Eventually.

      In the meantime, stay tuned for my Minecraft community update!

    • A bit of sad news: the Battlefield 3 game never really took off due to a lack of players. A handful of OMGeeks were present in the server during the prescribed time, but no one else entered to populate it. We may be looking at an excess of available BF3 servers as the players decrease (to play other games) and the number of servers increase or remain the same.

      We'll have more on this concern in the coming days.

This Sunday is Community Day

As in OMGeek community, of course. One day. Three games. Two men enter. Then one more. Then a serverfull more. And they don't leave until it's all over. This Sunday, we're holding events for three different games, back to back to back! Here's a rundown of each game (times are in GMT +8):

    • 2 pm: ArmA II

      More tense milsim action! On Sunday, we'll be testing the Domination map edited for OMGeek by Frez.

    • 5 pm: Battlefield 3

      Bring back the magic of 2011 as we ride back to, well, all those places we blew up and tore apart last year.

    • 8 pm: Minecraft

      We found the mountain and tamed the land and made elevators and chicken roasters. Now it's time to fix up our cluttered tunnels and build ourselves some houses.

Be present in the OMGeek Steam community chatroom for all the latest news!

You are being advised: BF3 Skirmish Sundays Returns April 22

Calling all warfighters, prepare for the manshoots! It’s been a while since our last Sunday skirmish sesh and I really want to get some rounds in with all of you again. So clear out your Sunday afternoon schedule, because once again our server will be populated with C4ing, sniping, helo crashing and building collapsing fun times. The plan is to at least get a good enough showing to ensure pubbies join in so we can get a full server.

I miss having multiple squads coordinating assaults and flanking maneuvers on points while calling in CAS and armour on enemy hardpoints. And I certainly hope this is the start of the revival of BF3 in our community!

So here are the deployment details:

Sunday April 22, 1700 onwards

We’re doing a head count so let us know if you can make it in the forum post we have up here!

The Monday AAR: Minecraft Edition

Happy April the 16th, gamerfriends, and happy Monday! We come to you today with quite a bit of news -- including, of course, the triumphant launch of OMGeek's new Minecraft server with Minecraft: Beginnings.

But we'll get to that later. Here's what's been happening this past week.

    • Battlefield 3: how long as it been since you guys have last been... advised? You know, properly advised, as in Be Advised. Hasn't it been a while since we charged headlong into an up-close-and-dirty firefight while fielding all sorts of toys, from tanks, to amphibians, to attack helicopters, to jets? Do you remember that time when we held that 1000 ticket game and we turned Caspian Border's forest (point C) into a bright, sun-lit clearing? That was awesome.

      What I'm trying to say is that we miss BF3. Mike made a thread here about his concerns about the game and our server. If you're up for a game soon, leave a message so he can get something organized.

    • ArmA II: Meanwhile, ArmA games will still be proceeding as usual, so rest assured that you'll be getting your regular fix of hardcore military simulation. Be here Tuesday and Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons to take part in OMGeek's ongoing operations!

    • Tribes: Ascend: How do you guys feel about this game? We've been talking about having a Tribes session one of these days, and a lot of OMGeeks have gone ahead and downloaded the game. Are you up for a game soon? Chime in!

    • Minecraft: In Minecraft news, of course, things have picked up rather suddenly and pleasantly in OMGeekland. Yesterdays event, called Minecraft: Beginnings, took us from a blinding snowstorm in the woods, to the depths of a natural cave filled with lava, through a desert, up a mountain, and into a dense jungle, where we finally settled down and began work on a proper town hall.

      We have a diving board too. Jumping down into a lagoon from a mountaintop is tons of fun!

      I'll bore you all with the details later, but before anything else, I'd like to thank everyone who joined in and contributed to our eventual colonization. Quite a handful of you were there and I'd hate to miss anyone, so I'll just say you know who you are. 8) Thanks, guys, and we'll see each other soon as we develop the world further!

The Monday AAR: Victoly!

Hi there, gamerfriends! Welcome once again to the wild and wonderful world of the Monday AAR, where we pick up the box that was last week, turn it over, and give it a good hard shake.

Here's what's been happening this past week:

    • In case you haven't heard yet, get ready for some good news, and this isn't some lame April Fools prank. Serellan's Kickstarter made its 200,000 USD goal! Takedown is actually happening. We put up an interview about it very recently -- right about the time the team decided to refresh their Kickstarter page. It seems like it was a good idea, after all. The PC gaming community should be glad.

    • Ryan Vandendyck of Waveform fame recently participated in a Waveform promotion held at the OMGeek forums, and graciously answered some questions from our OMGeek members. You can find the questions and his answers here in this post. Thanks, Ryan!

    • I wasn't around for last night's ArmA II game, but I heard it had some very cool moments like when the team successfully ambushed a convoy by laying down a few mines and hiding by the roadside. Isn't that cool? I think that's cool. Last night was actually the dry run for this coming weekend's big extended operation, so I hope all the participants are ready.

    • We've moved our Battlefield 3 server! Check this link for more details.

The OMGeek Battlefield 3 server has moved

Babumbum-badum dum babumbum-badum dum [Obligatory and stale be advised joke here]

Listen up ye 'orrible lot! Re-orient your clients to the following Battlelog URL:

Our new GSP is Hypernia, and the server is still located in Singapore. You can find more detailed info about the game server in this forum post.

Game modes: Conquest with a dash of Rush

Map list:

    • Grand Bazaar
    • Teheran Highway
    • Caspian Border
    • Seine Crossing
    • Operation Firestorm
    • Damavand Peak
    • Noshahr Canals
    • Kharg Island
    • Operation Metro
    • Strike at Karkand
    • Sharqi Peninsula
    • Wake Island
    • Gulf of Oman

The Monday AAR: The Aftermath

Happy Monday, guys! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in Operation Falcon Fury! I think we really got into the spirit of the thing, even after all the crawling around and screaming and dying we all did once lead started peppering the air. At least we were wailing like men, and not like a whiny little brat, or a scared little girl, or Yoko Ono onstage at a Lennon/Clapton show.

Last week's notable events:

    • Operation Falcon Fury was technically a failure, of course, since we never completed the full fifteen missions required of us. But hey! Everyone had fun during the event. I also got to shoot a robed guy toting a machine gun while cowering behind some builders, I drove over a roadside IED at full speed (and obviously scattered my passengers all over the general area), I took some footage of grown men dancing around on the tarmac, and I blew up two radio towers with deadly explosives while screaming, "Fire in the hole!" all serious-like and professional. I'm sure the rest of you have even more memorable and more vivid memories of the op. We're currently putting together our screenshots and videos from the event, but we'll put up a special AAR for that very soon. Thanks for participating!

    • Waveform is due out on March 20, and we'll be ready with our review of the game by then! Read our preview here. If you haven't done so yet, ask a question about the game on this thread to get a chance to win a Steam copy of Waveform!

    • We posted some information about the pre-purchase and the release date and pricing of Guild Wars 2. We're totally planning to put together a guild, but we're gonna need a name. And some funny character avatar concepts. If we're lucky, they'll have hats.

    • In case you haven't noticed yet, the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter has been going strong and still continues to do so. It's currently at 1.3 million dollars with 29 days to go, so yeah, we'll be seeing the game in maybe two years or so.

    • Last but not least, how do you guys feel about playing some Battlefield 3 soon? Our server is getting neglected and frankly, running around, vaulting over fences, and then letting loose with rocket fire into the back of an unsuspecting tank is pretty damn satisfying. As long as you don't get shot by stray fire and die, you know. But even that would be satisfying if it looked cool enough. Who's up for some BF3 soon? Make yourselves known!

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