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Malaysian Gamer reviews Bastion

frags reviews Bastion in this edition. If you haven't tried Bastion yet, perhaps this is the piece that will nudge you off the fence. Also, what's wrong with you? Read the full review here.

It's been a long time comin'... but the kid never gave up... always trucking along...always eating away at the obstacles... The Bastion calls to him like the fireflies that are attracted by the light... but he ain't about to get burnt by it... oh no Sir! The Bastion beckons...

Bastion is the début offering from Supergiant Games, made up of former EALA staffers that worked on Command & Conquer Red Alert 3. And it's an absolute cracker! It's a 2D action game with an interesting narrative and a unique approach of presenting itself to you. As you probably already know, Bastion makes use of a dynamic narration gimmick, which while sounding rather gimmicky, works amazingly well.

Bastion is set in a child like fantasy world of Caelondia(it looks childish, but turns out to be a lot more darker than the game's aesthetics implies). A world that has been ravaged by an apocalyptic event called 'the calamity', it is now populated by wild beasts gone mad(such as those pesky squirts). The Bastion is the only remaining bastion(no pun intended) of civilisation and life.

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About the author: frags prefers playing his first person shooters with background music from Pink Floyd. It's a religious and spiritual experience. Recommends others to try it out.

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