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ArmA II Operation Incoming!

It's been a very long time since the SEA-JTF has participated in an Operation. Since the holidays are coming, what better way to spend it with shooting up some terrorists with your brothers-in-arms (while calling in the occasional A-10 CAS if things get too hot).

Mark your calendars soldiers! We're looking into December 23, 2012 as a date for the OP. Details of the mission will follow, but expect it to be staged in Celle2 (better update your SixUpdater if you haven't).

I will be posting Team and Role assignments soon in the forums so watch out for that if you want to participate and if you're eyeing a particular role.

In the mean time, enjoy this video that one of our mods and ArmA II regulars, Chino (aka Kan707) took:

[youtube_sc url=""]

Looking forward to everyone participating in this OP!

The Monday AAR - New games to play + RAFFLE UPDATE

What, Tuesday already? AGAIN? I'm late! I can't even say it's Tuesday somewhere because unfortunately for me, it isn't. That doesn't change the fact, though, that I have a slew of updates to share. Here we go!

    • Raffle update: The raffle has been slightly delayed, but it's gonna push through! A Steam copy of Crusader Kings II is waiting for a new owner of high and noble birth. Fortunately, anyone could be of high and noble birth, as long as fate says so! I'm going to need some help confirming the list of donors, however. If you donated to support OMGeek this month, please send me a PM soon. Check this post for some details. Thanks!

    • ArmA II server issues: INQUE is the resident caretaker of the ArmA II server, but while he's away, please direct any server-related issues to me or blitzio. We'll give the server the swift kick it needs to get back in line. Alternatively, we can bang some coconut husks together and chant nonsensically until something gets fixed. The bottom line? Something will get fixed.

    • Zombies and samurai: Not all in the same game, I'm afraid. Some of us got together to play some Left 4 Dead 2 last Sunday, and I finally got to sacrifice myself as Bill in The Sacrifice! Blitzio and I also played a coop campaign game of Shogun 2, which had the expected amount of one-sided fights, snooty diplomats, prolonged sieges, and the sweet, sweet feeling of watching a cavalry charge decimate a whole lot of archers. We'll be doing a short impressions report on that game soon.

      Hey, I'm up for a quick game of L4D2 almost anytime, so let me know if you feel like playing!

    • Blood Bowl: Fantasy football fans, we need one more entrant to the league to make four. Blood Bowl is an awesome game about football teams of orks and dwarves pummelling each other into mush over a leather ball. It's turn-based, and it's based on the Games Workshop Warhammer-themed board game of the same name. If you have a copy, please post in this thread and be our fourth man. 8)

    • Minecraft: The update is coming, and we're poised to do a major community update for MInecraft ourselves. More information soon!

    • Source Filmmaker: Anyone else messing around with SFM? I just put up a 100% self-serving post in the video forum. Post and share your own creations with us!

The Monday AAR: Tribal Disputes

First it was a minor little war over a small piece of land, and then it was a slightly bigger war that saw four counties change hands all at once. In the end, we were looking at the combined might of our Muslim neighbors, all banded together and eager to spill Christian blood all over northern Hispania. At that point, we noticed that Barcelona was already a Muslim emirate.

At that point, we figured we were screwed.

We had a good time playing Crusader Kings II last night, but that wasn't the only game the community has been playing of late. Here's a recap of this week's games:

    • I've noticed a lot of OMGeeks getting into Tribes: Ascend, and for good reason. I downloaded and installed the game just this weekend, and played an epic CTF game with INQUE last Saturday morning where our team went from a 1-4 score to a match win. I don't think I've felt such a rush of intensity from a sci-fi themed shooter since the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo came out almost a decade ago. Check it out if you haven't, and if you have, post in this thread so we can organize a game together!

    • We'll be going medieval again very soon in Crusader Kings II -- as soon as this evening, in fact! Chat us up in the Steam chat room or post in the forum thread to join the fun! If you have any well-informed ideas of a good region or dynasty for us to play, let us know. Spain feels just a tad too hot for a bunch of newcomers to the game.

    • Another game that has been making the rounds is the free to play FPS Blacklight: Retribution. I've only played the training mission where I learned that I can use the mouse to look at things and I can click it to shoot my gun, and the cyberpunk setting and general feel left quite a good taste in my mouth. We'll be focusing more on organizing Tribes games for now, but we'll be sure to give Blacklight a go one of these days. Share your thoughts on the game here!

    • The op may be complete, but the war continues! Be here for our regularly-scheduled ArmA II games on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

    • Lastly, I have good news for the Minecraft faithful: we will be organizing a new event to coincide with the release of the latest Minecraft update! Keep checking and keep asking about it: it's coming next month.

The Monday AAR: Rogue Thunder news, some block talk, some lordly talk

Happy Monday, everyone! I'll just be updating you on what's been happening with the community this past week. Games got played and things meant to explode got exploded, naturally, but off the record, I also spent a good amount of time appeasing my nephew with playing Lego Harry Potter (Years 1-4) with my nephew. Harry is officially shit tier because he apparently never learns how to cast the Riddikulus spell in year 3. Yeah. And Hermione just got a huge level up with Crookshanks, who can dig stuff up just like Hagrid's dog does. That's pretty awesome stuff.


    • It looks like Operation: Rogue Thunder has concluded ahead of schedule! Congratulations and thank you to all the players who participated in the extended operation. Further details shall be released by INQUE soon, so stand by for a proper debriefing, souljah!

    • I know I haven't been holding regular Minecraft games lately, and I apologize. The server itself is still alive and well, however. I may be too tied up to play Minecraft some evenings in the coming days, but please remember that our server is open to all decent folk who will abide by the rules of common sense and decency. Bring your Minecraft-playing friends and family to play! I'll make up for the lost time once I'm able.

    • Four of us recently played a short game of Crusader Kings II, and we had a blast. We had little idea of what we were doing, and the game ended with my troops decimated by the army of my own vassal, but it was great fun and we would play it again. Check out our CKII thread here if you're even remotely interested!

06/28/2012 - Leaked documents


From: CPT INQUE Blackjack Actual

Subject: Operation: Rogue Thunder progress report, request for reinforcements

Upon our arrival at the main base on the southern airfield, both Wolfpack and Blackjack Actuals conducted a general briefing on the mission parameters of the operation. Following the briefing, the men geared up and loaded up in their assigned vehicles. The plan of action was to roll in via convoy and set up FOB Alpha a few kilometers away from the town of Mulladost. I have attached a detailed AAR on this report, but in summary, I am saddened to report that we sustained significant casualties, due to enemy counter-attack. Fortunately, we were able to successfully push back all enemy resistance but not without any casualties from our own.

The town of Nagara was also successfully captured, as reported by Chino (Wolfpack Actual). A detailed AAR should be on it’s way. I was not involved with the attack since I was responsible with asset consolidation and repair back at Main Base.

Our next target will be Nur. SAT imagery shows that the town is populated with a lot of residential structures. I’m predicting that collateral damage will not be avoided with our next attack. The SEA-JTF has already captured the northern airfield in Rasman and established FOB Bravo. We plan to mobilize all armored assets and surround the town to quickly dominate the town to reduce any friendly casualties. We will also attempt to employ CAS in form of the AH-64D, but reports from Reaper team have been encountering some technical difficulties from the vehicle. I suspect the bad weather might have affected the instruments and if deemed unusable, the AH-6 is on standby and can be called upon at any time.

As Captain of the SEA-JTF, I humbly request from High Command to send more reinforcements to our AO. We plan our major attack on Nur at 6/29/2012 on 2000hrs (GMT+8). Please send all abled soldiers to the Southern Airfield ASAP. This will indeed increase the chances to take over the town and not to mention the survivability of our troops. If granted with enough number of reinforcements, it could be possible to take over another town shortly after Nagara. We understand that the people and the media do not approve of our actions and must swiftly end this campaign right away. On a personal note, I would also like to see the boys go back to their families ASAP, as they have been fighting hard the past few days.

I will send my next progress report on 7/4/2012.

06/26/2012 - Mulladost Siezed; Heavy Fighting Breaks Out in Takistan

ZARGABAD - No less than fifteen Takistani civilians were found dead on Sunday, June 24, as members of the Southeast Asian Joint Task Force (SEA-JTF) stormed and liberated the town of Mulladost from local militia control. Twenty-three other civilians were discovered in various buildings, all bearing the signs of physical and mental torture. Two of them were found hanging by their heels from the ceiling. When questioned by this reporter, one of the victims stated that they had been held for “suspected collaboration with the foreign invasion force”. The person questioned was one of only five captives who could speak and understand English. The raid was carried out successfully in the wake of a heavy aerial strike by the Takistani militia against a SEA-JTF outpost.

Earlier that day, fighting broke out among US and Takistani forces in the vicinity of Mulladost. Fleeing residents reported small arms fire and sounds of several large engines, and witnesses claim that they saw a helicopter explode in mid-air. No official tally of casualties has been released by local officials at this time.

Troops stationed at the SEA-JTF forward operating base codenamed FOB Alpha suffered heavy casualties. Local Takistani militia launched an assault consisting of Hind attack helicopters, overwhelming SEA-JTF troops stationed at FOB Alpha, and causing their assault teams in the field to pull back to provide support. Among those who rushed to provide aid was SSGT jedi304, a forward operating scout sniper who was positioned several kilometers away.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says assistant base commander 1LT blitzio, one of the soldiers involved, as he recounts the rescue carried out by SSGT jedi304 and his other companions. “I thought I was dead, and all of a sudden I knew someone was helping me out of the wreckage. I opened my eyes, and... ‘I came back for you guys,’ he said. He came back. They all came back.”

SEA-JTF forces secured the town of Mulladost after recovering from the attack and launching a counteroffensive. Heavy firefights continue to erupt all throughout Takistan.

UPDATE 6/26:

"We reassessed our tactical warfighting capabilities and despite minimal losses during the light skirmish in the vicinity of FOB Alpha, we were able to push forward and accomplish all our objectives to provide peace and security in this region of Takistan,” said Captain INQUE, commanding officer of the SEA-JTF and base commander of FOB Alpha.

When pressed for exact casualty numbers that the SEA-JTF suffered, CPT INQUE responded, “I could not comment on current military operations."

Civilians have confirmed reports of multiple KIAs from SEA-JTF troops. Burning wrecks were reported to be seen even from FOB Alpha. CPT INQUE denied these allegations as Takistani propaganda. When further pressed, CPT INQUE further disregarded the burning wrecks of vehicles as simply "small arms fire ricocheting off the base humvees and chipping the paint".

Be Advised: New Moderator Incoming!

We're promoting one of our very own up the ranks! We are pleased to announce that Kan707 (A.K.A. Chino) is now a Moderator for the forums, Steam Chatroom and ArmA II Server to help ensure a positive experience with gaming and interacting with the community. Please show him the same respect that you have been showing the Original OMGeeks.

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