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Waveform for mobile: now officially a thing

The first time that we laid eyes on an early version of Waveform from Eden Industries, one question had already been brewing in our heads. We were intrigued by its surreal yet science-y premise and we wanted to try it out, but even before we got our hands on the game, we had always wanted to know: is it coming out for mobile?

Well, now it is! Ryan Vanderdyck, founder of Eden Industries, has confirmed that Waveform will indeed make it to the Android and iOS platforms later this year. We asked Ryan a few questions about the ports. Here's what he told us. See our brief exchange inside:

OMGeek: How did you arrive at the decision to make a mobile port?

Ryan: It was the number one most requested thing by the community! And something we had been wanting to do for a while, since the controls seem like such a natural fit.

OMGeek: What development challenges did you encounter?

Ryan: The main challenge was adapting the in-house Eden Industries engine to the mobile platforms. Although we could’ve used a common engine like Cocos, we felt that getting our own engine working would provide us the most flexibility in the future.

OMGeek: What's your planned release date?

Ryan: Whenever it’s done :) . It’s really hard to say at this point since development is still ongoing.

OMGeek: Will the Android and iOS versions be simultaneously released?

Ryan: The iOS will likely release first, as development on that is further along.

OMGeek: How much will the mobile versions cost?

Ryan: I haven’t quite decided yet. It’ll probably be free to download with microtransactions to unlock all of the content.

Thanks for the update, Ryan! Watch out for Waveform for mobile later this year! We'll also have more updates concerning Eden Industries in the coming days, both Waveform and non-Waveform related, so stick around!

Update for the ARMA 2 Community

As promised last week in the forum post, I just wanted to update you guys on our training plan and our overall direction for OMGeek's ARMA 2 community.

Our mods and other key members of the community are helping us out on formulating the direction and training plan for our ARMA 2 community. We're just finalizing some details and will hopefully be ready to share this with everyone soon.

I know there have been concerns how disorganized the gameplay has been lately, and some of you might feel I've not been paying attention to the quality of gameplay in our servers. As one of the co-founders of this community, believe me when I say that I am. Mostly, I work behind the scenes and ask the help of our moderators to give me some updates on what's going on, and we are brainstorming ideas on how to improve things.

We are still a fairly new community so there are a lot of growing pains, but on the other hand, there are a lot of opportunities to help us grow and become a successful community. We are also not forcing you to stay if you have found this community isn't up to your expectations as there are a lot of other ARMA 2 communities out there that may be suitable to your tastes. But to those who stay and who sincerely want to help grow and shape the community, we, the co-founders and moderators, will be forever grateful. The more you put into helping and cooperating to build a better community, the more you will get out of it. Whining and complaining how bad everything is doesn't help, so if you're going to sit and whine about problems to the co-founders and moderators instead of helping out to provide us with logical solutions, I don't think OMGeek is for you.

Apologies for ending with such a negative tone, but we're just pointing out some realities of what our community is and will be in the future. Again, we seek your full cooperation once we release our plans.

Be Advised: Another new Moderator Incoming!

You read it right! We're pleased to announce that we're promoting Joey to Moderator status! He will be working closely with Chino (Kan707) to help ensure a very positive gaming experience and communicating within the community. Please show him the same respect that you have been giving to the other Moderators.

ArmA II Operation Incoming!

It's been a very long time since the SEA-JTF has participated in an Operation. Since the holidays are coming, what better way to spend it with shooting up some terrorists with your brothers-in-arms (while calling in the occasional A-10 CAS if things get too hot).

Mark your calendars soldiers! We're looking into December 23, 2012 as a date for the OP. Details of the mission will follow, but expect it to be staged in Celle2 (better update your SixUpdater if you haven't).

I will be posting Team and Role assignments soon in the forums so watch out for that if you want to participate and if you're eyeing a particular role.

In the mean time, enjoy this video that one of our mods and ArmA II regulars, Chino (aka Kan707) took:

[youtube_sc url=""]

Looking forward to everyone participating in this OP!

Planetside 2 out; OMGeeks en route towards mayhem

Planetside 2 proudly strode through the gates of Releasedom at the end of last month, and from the reviews and impressions of the final game, it looks to continue the uniquely massive first person shooter action that some of us already experienced in the beta.

Eyes front, keep alert, and stay on your toes, because OMGeek is mustering its forces once again to wade into the Planetside 2 battleground with guns blazing! Or with aircraft spiraling lazily into the side of a rocky mountain. Or with Sunderer desperately trying to drive out of a ravine, depending on how inebriated your driver was when your squad all piled in. I sure hope it'll be more like that bit with the blazing guns.

THE DETAILS: We have games scheduled for tonight -- Monday -- and for Wednesday night, both starting at 9 pm GMT +8. Be in the chat room to be counted, and get ready for WAR. On the SIDE of a PLANET.

Voice Comms Migration on June 1 - We'll stop Mumbling and start Teamspeaking

Hello community, in 10 days we will be switching all voice communications from Mumble to Teamspeak. We're doing this to streamline all communications on one program because at the moment we are running servers for both. Teamspeak has been chosen as our primary VOIP program because it is already used heavily by our ArmA SEA-JTF crew which has ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) integrated, making the overall milsim experience more enjoyable to simulate true military grade software defined radio.

Fret not those of you who are used to Mumble, Teamspeak is exactly as good, both in voice quality and ease of use. Download it here

For details on how to join the OMGeek Teamspeak server check out the forum thread

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