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OMGeek is One Year Old!

It may not come as a surprise to you by now since there's actually a thread in the forums about it, but OMGeek does turn a year old today! We've survived a few speed bumps and weathered some setbacks, but it's been a fun year and we're still here. We thought it would be nice to each share a few words of our own about the community and our experience starting it up.

We'd like to see what you have to say about OMGeek as well! Whether you've been around for a week or a year, your input will always be important to the community.


When Jed, Mike and I first started conceptualizing OMGeek, it was a bag of mixed feelings: a mix of anxiety, excitement, optimism and a bit of pessimism. And now, one year has passed, and here we are, an intimate, but steadily growing community of like-minded gamers. A community isn’t a community without its members and I’d like to personally thank all those who have stuck on and believed in our community and what we’re trying to achieve. I’ve never imagined that I would be meeting this many interesting people and also at the same time making new friends. I hope that your relationship with OMGeek is as positive as mine and with your help we could further build the community into a greater one.


The one year journey of OMGeek has been a fulfilling, fun and truly personal experience for me, one that ultimately helped me achieve my life-long dream of getting a job in the video games industry. Without OMGeek, no gaming company would have looked twice at my resumé, since I had no experience in the industry prior to starting this project with the guys.

OMGeek and your support for it helped make this a reality. In both my day job and in running OMGeek, I get to be a community manager, something I love being. I wouldn’t be as content as I am today professionally and personally without this opportunity. Cue manly tears. But enough about that boring stuff about me and on to you guys, our community.

Thank you all for sticking with us over the past 12 months as we launched our first servers, forum and organised our weekly gaming sessions. From the very onset, James, Jed and I believed that the strength and longevity of this community would always lie on you guys and your support. In the past year we’ve seen tremendous amounts of it. I hope you stick with us a lot longer as we continue together down this journey of building a truly inclusive, mature pc gaming community for all of us here in Southeast Asia.


If OMGeek is the pub we all pile into in the evenings after a long day, where we can sit back and relax and enjoy the company, then I am the carpenter who nailed that bar together. I sawed the pieces that got turned into chairs and barstools. I painted the walls. I put up the posters. I made the sign out front that welcomes everybody who comes in. What did James and Mike do? They drew the plans. They unlocked the door. Turned on the lights. Waved people in. Served the drinks. Shook everybody's hand. Stood up on a table and welcomed everybody and invited them to a game. Or two. Or ten. And so the pub came alive and remains alive, because you came and you stayed.

Curious things, pubs. They're only as good as the people who frequent them. OMGeeks, thanks for making this my home away from home on the internet.

Thanks for being a part of OMGeek, everyone! We welcome your thoughts and comments. Share them here!

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