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The Monday AAR - New games to play + RAFFLE UPDATE

What, Tuesday already? AGAIN? I'm late! I can't even say it's Tuesday somewhere because unfortunately for me, it isn't. That doesn't change the fact, though, that I have a slew of updates to share. Here we go!

    • Raffle update: The raffle has been slightly delayed, but it's gonna push through! A Steam copy of Crusader Kings II is waiting for a new owner of high and noble birth. Fortunately, anyone could be of high and noble birth, as long as fate says so! I'm going to need some help confirming the list of donors, however. If you donated to support OMGeek this month, please send me a PM soon. Check this post for some details. Thanks!

    • ArmA II server issues: INQUE is the resident caretaker of the ArmA II server, but while he's away, please direct any server-related issues to me or blitzio. We'll give the server the swift kick it needs to get back in line. Alternatively, we can bang some coconut husks together and chant nonsensically until something gets fixed. The bottom line? Something will get fixed.

    • Zombies and samurai: Not all in the same game, I'm afraid. Some of us got together to play some Left 4 Dead 2 last Sunday, and I finally got to sacrifice myself as Bill in The Sacrifice! Blitzio and I also played a coop campaign game of Shogun 2, which had the expected amount of one-sided fights, snooty diplomats, prolonged sieges, and the sweet, sweet feeling of watching a cavalry charge decimate a whole lot of archers. We'll be doing a short impressions report on that game soon.

      Hey, I'm up for a quick game of L4D2 almost anytime, so let me know if you feel like playing!

    • Blood Bowl: Fantasy football fans, we need one more entrant to the league to make four. Blood Bowl is an awesome game about football teams of orks and dwarves pummelling each other into mush over a leather ball. It's turn-based, and it's based on the Games Workshop Warhammer-themed board game of the same name. If you have a copy, please post in this thread and be our fourth man. 8)

    • Minecraft: The update is coming, and we're poised to do a major community update for MInecraft ourselves. More information soon!

    • Source Filmmaker: Anyone else messing around with SFM? I just put up a 100% self-serving post in the video forum. Post and share your own creations with us!

The Monday AAR - Recovery Edition

Recovery, you ask? Could it possibly be from the great deals and unparalleled savings from the recently-ended Steam Summer Sale, aka GAEBSAEL SUMMER 2012, aka the bottomless money-chomping pit fiend that is Valve Software's bi-annual seasonal money-burning marathon?

Dare I bore you with the nitty gritty of what I purchased for myself during this trying time -- this span of days every year when I wake up at one or two in the morning to check what fabulous sales have gone up while I was asleep? I DO DARE. YES, I DO.

What I bought and how much it cost me:

Crusader Kings II African Units Pack, Crusader Kings II Songs of the Caliph, Crusader Kings II Sword of Islam $3.47
Binding of Isaac Wrath of the Lamb $0.74
Dead Island (RoW), Dead Island: Ryder White DLC $13.58
The Walking Dead $14.99
Dear Esther $2.49
Stacking $3.74
FarCry 2 $2.49
TOTAL $41.50

And here I thought I haven't even gone past 30 bucks yet. God damnit. Anyway, updates!

    • Since a lot of you are probably swimming in your own Steam Summer Sale swag, why don't we put those games to good use? We're looking to play some Shogun 2, and of course, some Crusader Kings as well. Visit the linked forum threads for more details.
    • We're also gearing up for a game giveaway, despite the fact that it's been a busy month and I haven't had the time to put up a nice raffle-related banner! Just stay tuned, because tomorrow, we're raffling off a shiny new copy of Crusader Kings II! If you haven't donated yet this month, perhaps this is a good time to support our community and maybe win a highly entertaining (and lordly) grand strategy game as a bonus?

The Monday AAR: Rogue Thunder news, some block talk, some lordly talk

Happy Monday, everyone! I'll just be updating you on what's been happening with the community this past week. Games got played and things meant to explode got exploded, naturally, but off the record, I also spent a good amount of time appeasing my nephew with playing Lego Harry Potter (Years 1-4) with my nephew. Harry is officially shit tier because he apparently never learns how to cast the Riddikulus spell in year 3. Yeah. And Hermione just got a huge level up with Crookshanks, who can dig stuff up just like Hagrid's dog does. That's pretty awesome stuff.


    • It looks like Operation: Rogue Thunder has concluded ahead of schedule! Congratulations and thank you to all the players who participated in the extended operation. Further details shall be released by INQUE soon, so stand by for a proper debriefing, souljah!

    • I know I haven't been holding regular Minecraft games lately, and I apologize. The server itself is still alive and well, however. I may be too tied up to play Minecraft some evenings in the coming days, but please remember that our server is open to all decent folk who will abide by the rules of common sense and decency. Bring your Minecraft-playing friends and family to play! I'll make up for the lost time once I'm able.

    • Four of us recently played a short game of Crusader Kings II, and we had a blast. We had little idea of what we were doing, and the game ended with my troops decimated by the army of my own vassal, but it was great fun and we would play it again. Check out our CKII thread here if you're even remotely interested!

The Monday AAR: Rogue Thunder is Coming

Happy Monday, gamerfriends! Here's another rundown of what happened in the community this past week. No stupid little anecdote for this edition, unfortunately. I spent most of the weekend alternating between going out to buy things and going home to sleep -- morning, noon, and night. That's no fun.


    • Operation: Rogue Thunder begins this week! INQUE will post details here as they are revealed. In the meantime, if you're looking to participate, visit the role assignments thread to see if you have a proper role already assigned to you.

    • It was Double XP Weekend for Battlefield 3 this weekend, and some of the OMGeeks were present to participate! Our very own blitzio led a squad composed of t43m4n, riffscreamer, and Exodus, and fought bravely while it lasted. Stay alert for similar events! If there's one coming up, someone on OMGeek is probably already organizing something for it.

    • The guys have gotten organized in Max Payne 3 multiplayer, and I hear it's going great. I just haven't been able to participate because, well, I didn't buy the game. The community is getting a crew together though, so sign up here if you're interested in rolling past some Brazilian slums as a gang. That's indicative of the actual gameplay experience, isn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • Part 2 of my series of articles about horror games just went up last Wednesday. Read it here, or if you missed the very first one, you can find it here. I discuss the theme of choice and consequence and the significance of uncertainty in the latest article. Next Wednesday, we'll talk about horror games and innovation. Stay tuned!

The Monday AAR: The Week After

E3 has come and gone, gamerfriends, and I'm left feeling mostly empty and jaded after all the slick, overproduced, samey content I sat through. Some games they showed excited me, sure, but I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that gaming as a whole is moving in the wrong direction. It's the 90s gamer in me, talking about the good old days of autoexec.bat and config.sys. Don't mind that guy.

Anyway, some points of interest for you:

    • blitzio put up a thread about the stand-out videos from E3 here. GailExodus and Matrix374 were kind enough to help him out. If you'd like to strike up an E3 discussion a week after the fact, drop by and share your thoughts.

    • In ArmA II news, INQUE is taking sign-ups for participants in a basic training course to be held this week. If you'd like to learn the finer points of the ACE and ACRE mods as they are used in our ArmA II server, simply leave a message announcing your intent to join in the thread. The final schedule shall be posted shortly.

    • Minecraft Wednesday is this Wednesday, as always! Prepare to gear up for a creepy expedition as we head out into the nether to find stuff. And things. Also, it's time for you to claim a little plot of land to call your own if you want to build a house for yourself. Stand by for more details tomorrow!

    • Allow me to toot on my own horn for a brief spell: I've begun writing a series of articles about horror games aimed primarily towards people who don't play horror games. The first part can be found here, with each succeeding entry in my planned five-part series going up here on the blog every Wednesday. Stay tuned, and I highly encourage you to join in the discussion! Thanks for reading.

    • I don't usually post about deals here on the AAR, but I do the AARs and I deserve a little self-interesting plugging every now and then! Crusader Kings II and all its DLC are currently on sale on Steam at 75% off! You can get the base game for 10 USD, or go big time and grab the game and all currently released DLC for 13 USD.

      The game highly interests me, as its almost like Medieval II: Total War without the RTS Total War part. Politics, courtier assassinations, crusades, land grabbing, and more await! The deal only runs for one day only, so if you're interested, get it now!

The Monday AAR: The Tactical Update

Has it been that long since the year began?

We're almost at the halfway point of 2012, and the community has been going strong, all things considered: we've evolved and fine-tuned our ArmA II server to suit the community's preferences, and Minecraft continues to enjoy a steady stream of visitors. A DayZ group has sprung up among the OMGeeks, along with some Diablo 3 and Frozen Synapse as well. Between all these games, we're exploring the gamut of the online pc gaming experience, from shooting men in first person, to shooting zombies and men in first person, to shooting men in third person with rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers, to slicing demons open with axes and pikes, to riddling them full of explosive arrows, to building cute little shacks made of wood and bricks.

What more could a gamer ask for?

    • The details for ArmA II's Operation: Rogue Thunder will be announced here and on the forums soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It's going to feature all the things you love about OMGeek's ArmA, and then some.

    • Do you by any chance own a copy of Frozen Synapse lying around? Visit our thread and leave your game handle with us! If you've bought the expansion, even better, because you can start cooperative games with other OMGeeks. See you in... what are they calling the Matrix or the cyberverse in this one again? The shape? Yeah, see you in the shape.

    • Care for a free copy of Bastion? jedi304 -- OMGeek member, contributor, and all-around heroic good guy -- has a copy up for raffle in this thread. All you have to do is tell him why you love OMGeek, and you'll be entered into his random drawing for a copy of Bastion. Get to it!

    • And for purely selfish reasons because I happen to love the game, here's a thread LYH started to gauge if anyone's interested in playing Jagged Alliance 2 online. Jagged Alliance 2 strikes the sweet spot for intricacy and accessibility, and is an awesome alternative to the phased turns of Frozen Synapse. I should also mention that after the major fan patch, which is v1.13, there are more than 300 guns in the game. LYH had this to say about it:

      Oh, and there are 300 guns. That's three hundred assorted rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, light machine guns, snipers, assault rifles, rifles, SMGs and pistols. And that's not counting the various grenades, types of ammo and misc. equipment, including armour, that you can buy for your specific needs. Whereas in vanilla JA2 there was only Hollow Point, Armour Piercing and normal rounds, now there are tracer rounds, cold rounds etc. It's pretty much gun porn.

      I like the sound of that. Check it out, and post here to join!

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