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Join us for the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend!

I know some of you have been waiting for this sequel for the longest time. We're finally able to experience the beta this weekend! If you have pre-purchased a copy of Guild Wars 2 and are planning to play the beta over the weekend, party up with OMGeek and let's head on out together.

Meet up at the Steam Chatroom on April 28, 2012 @ 10am (GMT+8) before heading into the game. We will also determine which server we're entering during that time. Don't forget to set up your Mumble if you haven't yet.

Chime in here in this thread if you're interested. We still also need a guild name for [OMGk]!

Get in Line for the SpyParty Early-Access Beta

I've been personally wanting to try out this game when I first read about it 2 years ago. And then I recently read an RPS post that you can now sign up for the early access beta! Wait, what? Haven't heard of SpyParty? This video tutorial, produced by the one-man-band developer, Chris Hecker, shows the basics of the game mechanics:

[youtube_sc url=""]

If this game piques your interest, feel free to sign up for the beta. Please take note though: this is a paid beta. You of course get the whole game via Steam when it comes out, and also the latest build of the beta -- it seems there is a new update everyday. So be prepared to shell out $15 once your acceptance email arrives. More details on the pricing could be found here.

I regret signing up so late as the beta release is almost down to a trickle. As soon as I get my beta invite, I will post my impressions of the game. Hoping to play and outwit some OMGeeks if you do decide to sign up!

Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign-up is now live!

This may be late but yes! ArenaNet just announced it on Twitter. Beta Sign-up for Guild Wars 2 is now available. So while you're at home sign up now because you will be required to download their PC diagnostic tool. Make sure you're using your epic rig or if not, go home and sign up!

 Concept Art of Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet

NOTICE: The sign-up is only available for 48 hours starting from 2:04 AM - 23 Feb 12 GMT+8.

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