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Sunday After Action Report

"I'll quit after I save!" It's not the 25th yet, is it? No?

Drat. And now, the news.

  • We have stopped hosting Red Orchestra 2 due to server costs and the lack of the game's popularity in the wake of the Battlefield 3 beta. We will assess this further in the future, but feel free to drop by the Red Orchestra 2 forum and start a discussion. We will always appreciate your feedback.
  • On the other hand, Battlefield 3 fever continues to grip the growing OMGeek community. OMGeek member Bobthekillerpenguin has started a very popular thread to help us get organized when the game comes out. Do you have a squad in the OMGeek platoon yet? Join up now!
  • INQUE wrote an editorial about our continued connection and ping problems here in the Philippines. This is a very real concern for us Southeast Asian gamers, and one huge hurdle to truly forming a large, diverse community in the region.
  • I, on the other hand, went on an utterly biased and ridiculous nostalgia trip. I wonder if Al Lowe will ever get around to replying to my email!
  • Due to popular demand, we now have a Minecraft server to cater to all your tree punching needs! Be advised: you need to sign up with us before you can actually play in the server.
Be advised.

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