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Staring at Screens episode 33: On Being Asian

Staring at Screens episode 33 is out!

This week, in addition to the usual game talk, the SAS crew (with guests Brian Kwek and Cassandra Khaw) discuss how it is to be Asians in the global gaming industry:

In a small departure from our usual gamut of topics, this week the crew and guests explore broadly how being (South-East) Asian has affected their careers are game writers and developers. Naturally, parental expectations are discussed, as well as these careers being "outlier professions" in the eyes of Asian society, issues of creative and technical competency in the region, and the struggles of independent game developers in Asia.

This topic has piqued my interest more than any other so far this year, and if you like games, you should give it some thought, too. Head on over to Staring at Screens to listen to the episode. Don't miss all the interesting links in their show notes!

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