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Staring at Screens episode 32: E3 2013

Staring at Screens episode 32 is out! And we're in it! Yes! As you could imagine, the feeling was not unlike being dragged onstage at a rock concert to sing with your favorite band -- or being asked to guest on your favorite radio show that you've been listening to for months and months!

Wait. That's exactly what it is. My analogy skills need some tweaking.

We are indeed guests on the E3 2013 episode of the Staring at Screens podcast, and we discussed a ton of content.

In the topical segment we discuss the Microsoft and Sony announcements at E3 2013 vis-a-vis the controversies surrounding Microsoft's Xbox One messaging and the absolute smackdown that was delivered by Sony's PS4 announcment. We also talk about some of the upcoming games flogged at E3, namely the deliciously cross-platform Watchdogs, the mystifyingly-numbered Mirror's Edge 2, the pulchritudinous Bayonetta 2 and the wordily-named Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

We're very grateful to our friends at Staring at Screens for having us on the show. Cheers, guys!

Hey, are you still here? Go on, then. Git!

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