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Staring at Screens episode 29: The Female Protagonist Conundrum

Staring at Screens episode 29 is out!

And you know what immediately got my attention? That glorious Persona 4 artwork emblazoned on the episode page. Yes indeed. PERSONA TALK is always GOOD TALK in my opinion.

It gets better, though.

For our topic this week we discuss the industry's aversion to Female Protagonists and bemoan the mystifying lack of games starring playable female leads. Memorable female leads are uncommon at best, and when female protagonists do get their own game they are starved of marketing dollars or discouraged from having any agency. We also touch on the role of the protagonist's gender on game narrative and the apparent differences between Western and Japanese market perception of female protagonists.

(For the record, even my favorite playable female character is more of a sidekick. And she wasn't even playable in the first game!)

There's a lot of good discussion here about this topic, so don't miss this episode!

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