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Staring at Screens episode 27: Insider Jokes

Staring at Screens episode 27 is out!

Seems like everybody's been busy -- not always fun during the height of summer:

The team's been busy of late, so this week we eschew our usual format and just have a nice catch up session to talk about the games we've been playing. First up, Joel's perception of reality is severely distorted by AntiChamber; then we revive the spectre that is Assassins Creed 3 as Vick finally gets to play it; mobile offerings also get some airtime as we try out Sonic Dash, Mighty Dungeons, and Fish Out of Water; and last but not least, Dave tells us about Hope: The Other Side of Adventure and much moaning and groaning ensues.

Dave, I'm on your side bro. ;__; Brb, playing Cart Life. While listening to the latest Staring at Screens.

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