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Staring at Screens episode 25: RIP LucasArts

Staring at Screens episode 25 is out!

As you may already have heard, Disney shuttered LucasArts last week, and in memoriam we do a LucasArts retrospective and talk about the memorable (and ignominious) experiences we've had with LucasArts games through the ages. Along the way we mention point and click adventure games from the SCUMM era like Maniac Mansion, its arguably more famous successor Day of The Tentacle, the awesome Sam and Max Hit The Road, and GrimE era games like the seminal Grim Fandango. Oh yeah, we also mention a slew of generically-named Star Wars® games of varying quality. Whee.

MENTLEGEN. A moment of silence for I have no words. ;__;

There. Also, if you've already plowed through Bioshock Infinite, stick around after the credits for SAS's first-ever spoiler section! I stayed far, far away, of course. And don't anyone dare leave any spoilers in the comments below!

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