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Staring at Screens episode 23: Geek Gods

Apologies for the late update! We've been on vacation since Wednesday last week and we're just getting back into the grind.

Staring at Screens episode 23 is out!

It's been an exciting, exciting two weeks for gaming, and the SAS crew are here in this episode to discuss some of the earlier announcements that were made at GDC! Of course, they also take the time to discuss some of the games they've been playing.

In this week’s episode, Dave and Joel have a protracted discussion about Tomb Raider, Vick tries unsuccessfully to get a workout from Fighters Uncaged, and Lisa bounces Hercules’ boulders in Clash of The Olympians. Along the way we also mention the Uncharted series, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Kingdom Rush and Cat Shot.

Also, DuckTales. Need I say more? No, surely I need not.

Listen to Staring at Screens episode 23 now!

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