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Staring at Screens episode 21: A Tale of Two SimCities

Staring at Screens episode 21 is out! The show notes describe the episode way better than I ever could, so I shall take a step back as I open this tiny little umbrella over my head.

This week Dave hunts animals in Tomb Raider and then gets distracted by SimCity, Joel hunts people in Crysis 3 and only stops for SimCity, Vick develops a conscience about letting bad things happen to Sims in SimCity, and Lisa rounds out the discussion about SimCity with still more SimCity. Yes, Dear Listener, if you haven’t already figured it out, we have SimCity on the brain this week!

And because this deserves a special mention:

Also, Will Wright, if you’re reading this and you remember meeting an 8-year-old SimEarth-obsessed Dave in Taiwan 22 years ago, please feel free to contact us to corroborate his fantastical claims.

This is the link, Will Wright. Email it. Tweet it. Show us. Show us the truuuuth!

I'm so jelly.

After listening to this week's episode, please drop by the episode thread in our forums and share your thoughts! We also have a dedicated SimCity discussion thread for the community.

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