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Staring at Screens episode 19: Ni No Weekly Topic

Staring at Screens episode 19 is out! This week, the SAS crew share their opinions about what differentiates good parenting from bad parenting, talk about Minecraft shenanigans with the OMGeek community, and discuss how it could be loads of fun to burn things. Listen to Episode 19 now.

There's also some talk about this thing called the Playstation 4, which I believe got mentioned in passing quite a few times last week when it was announced. What was that all about?

From their show notes:

We’re back from a one-week break! Did you miss us? We certainly missed you! Now we’ve got lots of catching up to do, so let’s skip the topical discussion this week and jump straight into the games we’ve played. First up, we finally get our grubby paws on Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch for PS3 and everybody’s got an opinion on that. Then Joel discovers Minecraft anew on an OMGeek Tekkit Lite server, Dave gets creative with DrawQuest, and Lisa gets destructive with Little Inferno.

The boys and girls of SAS also take the time to thank the folks who supported their Twitter-fueled Swagathon and their very popular thread on Reddit. There were still some sticker sheets left when I heard the episode, so you may still have a chance to get one for your very own! Do it! Do it now!

After listening to Episode 19, why not drop by our episode discussion thread and share your thoughts with the community?

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