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SimCity: What do you think?

It'll probably be a few more decades before the much-awaited Sim Sim comes out, but in the meantime, the SimCity name is enjoying a newfound burst of popularity with this week's release of the latest in the series: SimCity.

I wonder if we're doomed to reboot all the big gaming franchises over and over, wiping the slate clean every couple decades or so to give the younger generation a fresh start. It's a thought that makes me quite, well, ambivalent. But imagine that. Coming out in 2023: Assassin's Creed. It's not a remake. It's a reimagining!

We're here to discuss the current iteration of SimCity, though. The game has been out since the beginning of this week, and I've seen more than a few people rushing out to get their hands on the game. I'm waiting it out -- more because of the fact that I'm drowning in my gaming backlog as it is than any cheapskate tendencies I might have -- but if you're one of the loyal fans who snapped up the title, what are your thoughts? Are you chomping at the bit to lay down a nice and efficient grid system in a quiet and traffic-free neighborhood, or perhaps you can't wait to unleash a horde of zombie goodness onto a bustling metropolis?

Or do I dare ask if you've been having server problems? I am a first-week Diablo 3 survivor, and I, too, have known such suffering.

Share your thoughts! Organize some games! You just might get me to drop some money on this immediately if you love it that much. 8)

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