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Retro Let's Play Video Special!

Hello, friends! I come bearing gifts of nostalgia and simpler times! I had been watching these videos last weekend and I thought they might stir something in you as well -- something that has lain dormant for the past 15 to 20 years! Join me in this wild and totally theme-free ride!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game!

I've been watching the original 1987 cartoon recently because I'M AN ADULT AND NO ONE CAN JUDGE ME. I like how each turtle has his own special pose at the end of this level when Shredder kidnaps April and crashes through the window -- only the players present will be shown. Cowabunga and all that!

D&D Chronicles of Mystara: The Dwarf!

I never played this in arcades, but I played the shit out of these games on emulators back in the day! These beat-em-ups are beautiful, action-packed, and astonishingly deep. It's coming out on all the major platforms including Steam, so you have no excuse to not be interested!

Legendary Wings!

Now here's a disturbing entry you may or may not have played. You play a winged warrior flying over what seems to be post-apocalyptic future-tech ancient Greece, if that makes any sense. Keep your eyes peeled for the terrifying giant face and what it hides within its maw!


And since we're on the topic of disturbing, here's Harvester. This is one of the great horror games of the 90s CD-ROM era, which you'll know isn't saying much if you grew up during the 90s CD-ROM era. Lose yourself in this bizarre, nightmarish, and utterly campy depiction of 1950s Americana!

Check back later this week as we return to our regularly scheduled programming. Happy viewing!

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