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Quintet: 5 brave souls crash and burn in space

khaaan When I first read about Quintet, I immediately told Jed and Mike that we have to try this out. I knew those two were bigger Trek fans than me, honestly I’m more of a Star Wars guy myself, but I was always intrigued with the starship bridge drama that played out on the show. The pilot at the helm would report where the enemy was and begin evasive maneuvers. If the enemy ship is in range, the Captain would instruct the tactical officer to fire lasers and torpedoes, while engineering boosts the shields and repairs the helm to keep the ship together. And of course the science officer is scanning the enemy ship to determine which beam frequency to use for the next volley to finally eliminate it.

Props to Jayvee for the well timed screenshot!

And now you can all do this! Quintet is a spaceship bridge simulator, and to be frank, we need more games like this! This game is free at the moment and is available in all major platforms except Android, which the developer, Carmine Guida, is doing a Kickstarter for. The cross-platform interconnectivity went really well. Mike and I were playing with the downloaded version, Jed was using his browser to play, and our friend Jayvee, from A Bugged Life, was using his iOS device. Everything went without a hitch and the next thing we knew it, we were buzzing around space and killing enemy fighters and ejecting into escape pods with slightest hint of trouble. Of course, as the Captain of the USS Gigger, I forbade the crew to eject so we can all die like men. Strangely, nobody listened.

The game is really still early in its development cycle, but the basic systems and features work well. All the game needs is more content and maybe a few tweaks here and there. But don’t let that stop you from trying this game since it’s also free! If you want to crew up with us, don’t be shy to hit us up on Steam. We will gladly go with you to where no man has gone before and die a lot along the way.

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