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Portable Perks: Puzzle Trooper

For this week’s Portable Perks, I'll have to thank our friend Victoria Ho (@vickiho), part of the crew of the world famous Staring at Screens Podcast, for referring this game to me called “Puzzle Trooper”. Puzzletrooper

It was kind enough of Gumi Asia, a Singapore based mobile developer, to hook me up with the .apk file of their game because unfortunately, the game is only available in Singapore and Malaysia. But once I got that sorted out, I was immediately greeted with colorful and loud art of the game which really stands out. Puzzle Trooper bills itself as an action rpg + puzzle game. It’s basically about matching up 3 or more of the same colored spheres to get an appropriate attack which is shown with a short animation that is also very well done by Gumi. It gets deeper by chaining multiple colored spheres, and eventually getting a lot of chains allows you to call a bomber which drops its payload on the opponent. Again, another fun treat with the animations that doesn't get too old to watch.


And speaking of deeper gameplay, you can also go ahead and level up your individual units to have better stats for their attack damage and health points. To be honest, if I’m going to complain about the game, this is the aspect that I would criticize. The tutorial on the leveling up system wasn't explained properly and the game asks you to just go through the steps on how to do it.

puzzletrooper level

You can also bring in your friends’ squad leader and have them fight along side with you which is kinda cool. The higher the level of your friend, the better! Sadly, they didn’t use the Facebook API to add friends in game and opted for their proprietary Player ID system (30hnu add me!).

This game could be played in short bursts and it kinda forces you to stop playing with its energy level mechanic, but it seems to recharge quickly if you leave it after a few hours. Nevertheless, it’s a good time waster with deep puzzle elements and funny cartoon animations.

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It’s available for free for both Android and iOS, but available only in Singapore and Malaysia. If you really do want to play it and you’re outside SG & MY, you can try Tweeting @GumiAsia and maybe they could send you the .apk if you're nice enough! It would also be great to show more support to developers in our region!

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