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Portable Perks: Nimblebit Quest

Nimblebit I know you guys have gaming in your minds 24/7. Be it in the bus, MRT, waiting in line to do whatever, this wasted time could easily be translated into gaming time! So portable devices kinda scratches that itch when you're not in front of your PC or console. I got your backs covered as I will be featuring a game every week that you can play on your mobile phone to help pass the time on boring situations.

From Nimblebit, the genius developers behind Pocket Planes (and oh yes me and Jed were huge addicts for quite some time), Nimblebit Quest yet highly addictive mobile game aptly called Nimblebit Quest.

nimblebit screen1

If you ever have played Snake on your old Nokia Mobile phone (kids born in the mid-90s will never get this), it takes that same mechanic, but puts an pixely RPG twist on it. You start off with a traditional sword swinging knight and you get to gain more companions along the way and thus grow your snake-like line. Each companion has their own unique attack ranging from a fire mage throwing fireballs, a mechanic who throws bombs, your typical ranger, and other variants of melee fighters. The game boasts a good number of characters to collect and you can pick each collected character to start off with. You can also grind each character as they level up the more you use them.

nimblebit screen 2

There’s also a bit of a multiplayer aspect to it as you can form a Guild and compete for a daily high score. Admittedly, I haven't tried this aspect of the game yet since I haven’t convinced Jed and Mike to go try it with me, but if you do decide to try, come join the #OMGeek guild so I won't be the lone member anymore. ;__;

Since the game can be easily played one handed on the phone, I find myself playing this game in moments I’m either falling in line for something, waiting for food or just bored around the house. I can imagine this could be easily played on your daily commute if you wanna squeeze in some gaming time on your phone.

Available in both Android and iOS and it is free with in-app purchases, which you really don't need to enjoy the game.

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