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Operation Iron Promise: After Action Report

We're still sorting out the pieces, but Operation Iron Promise has proven to be a categorical success in the aftermath. A big thank you to everyone who participated, from the infantry squads to the tankers to the chopper pilots to the flyboys who actually bothered to strafe ground targets.

No, I wasn't one of those pilots. I just hopped in a jet every other chance I got to play Flight Simulator: Fly Too Low and the Ground Shoots Exploding Things at You. But I was still credit to team on the ground, I swear.

The event started at 1400 hours on November 6, 2011, and went on until well after dark. The participants played both Rush and Conquest on Caspian Border, Kharg Island, Operation Firestorm, and Noshahr Canals. We saw protracted firefights, beach landings, HALO jumps, tank rushes, dogfights, and pesky engineers peppering roads with AT mines. We carried out squad flanking maneuvers, close air support, covert insertions and operations, and offshore bombardment. Quite a few unlucky souls got stabbed in the face with combat knives.

You could also say we killed each other a lot using fancy-sounding methods and things. Yeah, that probably sounds better. Regardless, the teamplay and coordination were excellent thanks to Mumble.

The OMGeek media team is putting together a video of the proceedings, which I'd like to say will be out sometime this week.

Again, on behalf of everyone in the OMGeek community, I'd like to thank you for participating in Operation Iron Promise. Come back Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Sunday at 2pm onwards (GMT +8), for our regularly scheduled games!

Share your comments and impressions of Operation Iron Promise with us in the forum thread.

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