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Operation: Falcon Fury - AAR 03/18/2012

Operation: Falcon Fury proceeded as planned. The SEA-JTF (Southeast Asia - Joint Task Force) rounded up in the server for a general briefing at 1400 hrs and OSCAR MIKE to the AO after everybody was clear on their roles. The operation ran like a well-oiled machine and everybody was well-coordinated and fought a good fight, thanks to our dry runs during March 13 and March 15. The operation tapered off at around 1800 hours as some of the troops were getting wary of battle. As usual, here are the visual highlights of the day:

(the OP was well-attended! Thanks to everyone who came and made it a success) 

(FT Alpha gearing up)

(FT Alpha overlooking the surroundings before proceeding to the next AO)

(Here comes the Chinook to the rescue!  Piloted by Gunso)

(When there's smoke, there's trouble)

Here is a video of one of the missions done during the operation. We were tasked to blow up a comms tower on a mountain peak. FT Alpha and Bravo approaching from different flanks. Both Fireteams had CAS at their disposal in the form of two A-10s, a Blackhawk and a Chinook. Credit goes to Exodus for taking the video.

We thank everyone who attended the first ever ArmA II Operation! Rest assured we will be having more operations to come so keep your eyes open for the next briefing!

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