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Operation: Falcon Fury

Listen up OMGeek Warfighters! We are going to conduct Operation: Falcon Fury, a protracted-engagement ArmA II session on March 18 @ 1400 hrs onward (GMT +8). The objective is to complete all tasks that are given in the map. The Operation can be classified as a success or a failure, so we need all able soldiers to participate!

Descriptions of the mission and map will be posted on this thread. We will also be giving away prizes for media created with content from the Operation: a teamplay video and a screenshot. Mechanics of the contest are listed below:

General Rules:

  • 1 entry per person, it could only be either just a video or a screenshot
  • There will be 1 winner for each category
  • Entries will be submitted by posting them in a soon-to-be-opened contest thread
  • Deadline of submission will be on March 31, 2012, and the announcement of winners will be on April 2, 2012
  • Will be judged by the Original OMGeeks (jRev, blitzio, INQUE)

Teamplay Video Mechanics

  • Length
    • Minimum 5 mins
    • Maximum 7mins
  • Content
    • Should show teamwork, tactical coordination / communication, stuff that would make you want to play ArmA II with OMGeek
  • Required materials in the video
    • Intro must show “OMGeek Presents (with omgeek logo)” Operation: Falcon Fury
    • End of the video credit your name for making the video
  • Prize

Screenshot Mechanics

  • Content
    • Screenshot must have a title
    • Screenshot can not be altered / edited
    • Text (funny / serious) could be added
    • OMGeek logo should be also present in the screenshot
  • Prize
    • Humble Bundle #4

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