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Operation: Dragon Black

Welcome the new lunar year with the whisper of a sharpened combat knife grazing your enemy's sternum as you sever his vital neck-plumbing. Hush. Voices carry.

Or you can welcome the new year with a bang, if that's how you roll! Grab your rifles and your Javelins and your huge turret-mounted monstrosities on tracks. We're fine with that too.

Operation Dragon Black is OMGeek's massive Battlefield 3 operation for the month of January 2012. In addition to our overarching goals of teamplay, unit cohesion, and role specialization, we will simulate a protracted battle by setting tickets to 1000. Houses and buildings will crumble. Cities will be reduced to ruins, bit by bit. Tank husks will litter the streets. Millions of virtual dollars in choppers and jets will be lost--of course, not counting the ones flown by Those Guys who have all their vehicle unlocks maxed out.

Get ready for battle! The op happens on January 23, 2012, from 2 pm (GMT +8) onwards. Be here before then to ensure that you have a spot in a squad!

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