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OMGeek Podcast 2: Video Game Marketing

Episode 2 of the stupendous OMGeek Podcast is now live! No ludonarrative noodle talk in this one -- just a whole lot of good old game talk.

We are joined by our celebrity guest Jayvee Fernandez of in the second half of the show for our discussion about video game marketing, how it’s different from other forms of marketing, and why it’s important.

Listen now!

[audio src="" format="mp3"] Download the episode here

Games discussed

  • What We’re Playing: The Unfinished Swan, Kraven Manor, Rising Storm, Wargame: AirLand Battle, War Thunder, Conclave, Warhammer Quest
  • Video Game Marketing: The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Red Orchestra 2, Final Fantasy, Quake 3 Arena, Portal 2, Mass Effect 3, Daikatana


Music credits

  • Anamanaguchi - Helix Nebula
  • Anamanaguchi - Airbase
  • Omyiga - Skip The Happy Ending

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