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OMGeek Minecraft servers to go offline

Good day, gamerfriends. Amidst all the celebration and joy that's going on this week for OMGeek's 1-year anniversary, I have some slightly sobering news: we have decided to stop hosting Minecraft for now. It wasn't an easy decision to make, because deep down I've kept my happy memories of Minecrafting with the community, and somehow entertained the idea of getting back to it "someday". The reality is that we're paying for a server that isn't getting enough attention and support. Hey, there are so many other games that we want to play, and there are only enough hours in a day, and there's only one of each of us!

The money we will save from stopping the service will go into our long-term community and server goals, which I will share in a post that will go up later this week. I just want to make it clear that we have the best interests of the OMGeek community in mind, and that the goals we have set will further our vision of providing a warm and friendly haven in Southeast Asia for mature people who play all sorts of games.

The Minecraft server will be going down after September 20, 2012, which is, well, tomorrow. Nothing is permanent, so if the demand becomes high enough, we don't see any problem in bringing it back. For now, though, I guess this is goodbye, thanks for the memories, and we'll always have the grave of Psycrow's cat to remember.

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