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 A videogame community for grown-ups in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia.

OMGeek launches today

What better way to celebrate than to run around in some burned-down rubble and shoot each other in the head, heart, nuts, and other comedically vital areas? While speaking in funny accents? And wearing awesome hats? And no, I'm not talking about what you might think I'm talking about. This is war, dummkopf! Tasteful disclaimer: PTSS is not funny.


OMGeek is a community for Southeast Asian gamers who wish to have better online gaming experiences through better teamwork and communication. OMGeek seeks to provide servers that ping well to all Southeast Asian countries, creating a truly international community with a diverse player base. We've written a bunch of things about the ideas and goals behind OMGeek to sate your curiosity.

I did say something about running around and shooting each other, right? Yes, I did.


We're having a big opening day game today at 2 pm (+8 GMT) on the OMGeek Red Orchestra 2 server, and everyone is invited to join in! I'd like to make it clear that we run around and shoot each other as a coordinated team, because it's more fun that way and we'll all look cool as hell doing it. Science has proven that working as a coordinated team is cooler than walking in slow motion while wearing a three-piece suit. Keep this in mind, guys. Science knows what it's talking about. And no, my sources are top secret and I can't share them with you.

If you've already been playing Red Orchestra 2, share some of your experiences and war stories with your fellow players. I find that those singular, epic experiences are half the fun of the game, and it's always fun to share them with other gamers--or your victims, if you're so inclined.

We'd also appreciate some feedback as well. We value the presence of each and every one of you in the community, and we're always looking for ways to make it better for everyone. If you have anything to say, stop by the forums and share your thoughts.

I hope to see you all in the server today! Here's to a good game, and to many more good games in the future. Good luck and have fun!

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