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More on Battle Worlds: Kronos!

Lovely, lovely turn-based games. I could never get enough of them. Today, we'll be talking some more about KING Art's Battle Worlds: Kronos, the successfully Kickstarted game that has also been successfully Greenlit very recently!

We mentioned last time that Battle Worlds: Kronos is a hex-based turn-based strategy game with vehicles and exploding things. We wanted to find out more about the setting itself and the ideas behind the creation of the game, so we hit up developer KING Art Games with some of our questions.

Read on for the details.

What is the fiction behind Battle Worlds: Kronos?

When the emperor of Kronos dies, the mighty Houses of the planet fight a ruthless war to settle the succession. The fraction that is able to seize control of the twelve holy temples and simultaneously light fires on each of them, appoints the new emperor and decides on the destiny of all.

In the latest war of succession the House of Telit used nuclear weapons for the first time, nearly destroying the planet in the process. Anyone that could afford it, fled to the neighboring planet Rhea, among them the newly elected emperor. Now, 200 years later and despite all available life-prolonging procedures this emperor has passed away and a fleet of spaceships is nearing Kronos, ready to fight the next – and possibly last – war to find a successor. In the campaign you initially fight as the House of Telit, the competition’s favorite, against the other two powerful factions, the Yerla Inc. and the Order of the Lumati. It soon turns out that those left behind on the planet have established a new civilization. They call themselves The Residents and refuse to accept that their recovering planet will be once again used as the arena of a bloody competition.

In the second campaign the player takes on the role of The Residents. This time it’s not about epic attrition warfare, but rather about foiling the game of the superior enemies using clever guerilla tactics.

How do you approach balancing the factions since they are so different?

A basic balancing is already in the game, as we took those figures from the old Prototype which was improved step by step with the help of tun-based enthusiasts.

Based on this we’ll set the balancing. We are lucky to have Lukas Zach, our Game-Designer and balancing Master, on the team as he has been developing card- and boardgames for over 10 years.

How have you applied your experience with working on adventure games to a turn-based strategy title?

The game design doesn't really benefit from our adventure experience, but as a good story is very important to us, we’ll try to also create a thrilling story for Battle Worlds: Kronos.

From a technology perspective we were able to transfer a lot of our experience, as we are using the Unity3D engine for BW:K. This is the same engine we are using for our current adventure game project The Raven, hence a lot of tools, workflows and experiences can be used for both games.

Your Kickstarter video mentions that this game concept actually predates The Book of Unwritten Tales. How long have you wanted to develop a turn-based strategy game?

For many many years. Back in 2006 after developing mainly browser-games, we wanted to make a "real game". We knew we had to make a game in a niche genre if we wanted the game to stand out. We wrote two game-designs, one for Battle Worlds: Kronos and one for The Book of Unwritten Tales. We thought we might have a better chance selling Battle Worlds to a publisher because it was the smaller project. But ultimately The Book of Unwritten Tales was picked up and we became known for adventure games.

Why take the Kickstarter route for sourcing out funding?

We developed a prototype of Battle Worlds: Kronos seven years ago but couldn’t find any publisher to finance the project. It became "the game that hasn't been made" for us and we kept looking for opportunities to finally make it. When Kickstarter emerged as a possibility to get the money directly from the players we were very excited!

Any plans for a co-op mode or 2 vs 2 mode?

We haven’t finalized the numbers for possible players for the multiplayer yet, but a 2vs2 match will definitely be possible. With the editor, user-generated-maps can be created and shared, and within those, the creator will be able to set (for example) the teams.

What other "forgotten" classic genres would you be interested in reviving?

We always had the idea to bring back classic-RPGs in the iso-perspective, but obviously others were faster with that... still this would be a dream-come-true project.

BW:K looks to be a unique (if hauntingly Dune-ish) setting so far, and the promise of good AI and team options means comp stomp games may be a good way to enjoy the game. We'll be keeping our eyes on this title.

Thanks to Marco Rosenberg and Colin Gilzean of KING Art Games for accommodating us with our questions. Stay poised for more on Battle Worlds: Kronos!

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