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Monday AAR: The Last 2011 Post

Merry Christmas, everyone!

The last few days of the year continue to be laid-back and relaxed for the most part, at least as far as the OMGeek community is concerned. We've been playing some smaller games like Renegade Ops and Sins of a Solar Empire while trying our best to pretend that we're not pissing away the year's savings into the insidious money-chomping construct that is the Steam Christmas Sale.

Here's what's been happening this past week:

    • WOT WOT: We're organizing a World of Tanks group! In case you haven't played it yet, World of Tanks is a free to play match-based online game where you play a tank crew and go off into the hills or the mountains or the desert or the blinding winter with 14 other like-minded peers to reduce your opponents to scrap metal. Or to sneak around and capture their base, whichever happens first. It's a very polished melding of simulation and arcade action, and take it from me: it's quite an addictive experience. Show your intent to join up and we'll help you get started!
    • I don't need a han', I'll do it solo: Some OMGeeks are also getting organized in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I haven't had the time or the opportunity to check out the game for myself, but it looks like everyone's having fun. Personally, I think they should allow us to play droids and play out the entire game miraculously dodging blaster fire and solving logic problems with strange mechanized phallic devices. Or, you know, you can always go the HK-47 route. Make yourself known to our SWTOR group here!
    • The OMGeek Holiday Giveaway: Yesterday's winner has been announced here. If you're the guy indicated in the thread, we're still waiting for your reply. The clock is ticking!
    • Graphics vs. Aesthetics: This one is not-so-community-related but you could find it worth your time and attention. INQUE recently posted a link to a short cartoon that discusses graphics versus aesthetics in games, and why the distinction matters. Remember: a good idea can be creatively and attractively presented with inferior technology, but no amount of high tech will save a rotten concept.

Check back next week for our end-of-the-year report. Have a great final week of 2011!

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