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Monday AAR - Squad Wipe!

Happy Monday, gamerfriends! I hope you had a good and restful weekend. Us, we were busy exploding into tiny chunks and catching bullets with our foreheads yesterday during Operation Ripper Sweep.

Here's how last week went down.

    • Operation Ripper Sweep: We were pleasantly surprised with a good clan turnout consisting of MBT, BADASS, ARES, and ANGAS. Cool! The combined forces of ARES and ANGAS then proceeded to completely decimate the OMGEEK/MBT/BADASS team-up for hours. All of our guests performed incredibly well, though, and be assured that we picked up a lot of points to improve on. Thank you to everyone who participated! We'll be ready to pay you back in kind next time.
    • Jamploy's trip to Korea: OMGeek Jamploy recently got back from the Korean Gaming Conference and he wrote a very entertaining article about it. Thanks, Jamploy!
    • A challenge: OMGeek has been challenged to a friendly match by the Sandugo community. We're currently organizing and recruiting for the match, which will most likely take place early next year. Bring it, guys!
    • Notch's game: The OMGeek Minecraft town continues to flourish! We have a nice walled city and some very unique and imaginative residences, and now we're turning our attention inwards into building up our town hall and creating a tighter-knit community. If you haven't done so yet, pay us a visit and introduce yourself! Everybody is welcome, as long as you play nice.

Thanks for a great week, everyone. Stick around, because the drawing for Assassin's Creed Revelations is happening this Wednesday. We might also have some other surprises for you this season, so stay tuned!

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