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Monday AAR - Recap and a New Operation Next Sunday

Happy Monday, gamerfriends. Today, I woke up with a stuffed nose and a thick fog outside my window. Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet?

Here's the latest.

    • We are holding Operation Ripper Sweep next Sunday! It's another massive shooty event like last month's successful Operation Iron Promise.

      • Operation Ripper Sweep is about developing a more responsive, agile and mobile fighting force through the integration of our different squads, assault 1 and 2, force recon, close air support and mechanised forces. We want to encourage tighter coordination between the squads and ensure everyone gets their orders to ensure we all have an effective fighting force that is both responsive and at the same time fun.

      More details forthcoming in this thread, so stay tuned.

    • In other Battlefield 3 news, yesterday was our weekly Skirmish Sunday, where we encountered the world's most annoying Frogfoot pilot (who managed to take out our tank three times in a row with just the belt gun) and the Goomba from Super Mario Brothers. That's right. Upon encountering a hostile, this guy's M.O. is to dive into the air prone--Chow Yun Fat style--and upon landing, to start crawling sideways while firing all the while. The terrible part? He actually got me. Frogfoot dude and Goomba, if you're reading this, I would personally like to strangle you. With a smile on my face.
    • Our Minecraft world is flourishing! We've got farms, towers, walls, gates, bridges, underwater restaurants, and houses that have odd holes in them. There's still a lot of space for aspiring pioneers, so join up and get yourself settled!

We're in the chatroom most nights, so drop by anytime and chat us up.

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