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Mission Briefing for Operation: Rogue Thunder

High command has finally sent in our mission objectives for Operation: Rogue Thunder. Pack your rucksacks and get ready to hit Takistan once again.

Listed below will be specific Mission objectives that High command wants the SEA-JTF to achieve:

Mission Objectives

Mission Type: Domination

# of Main Targets: Four (4) Towns

Operation Duration: June 24 - July 8 , 2012

High Command has granted full use of all air & ground assets which the SEA-JTF can fully utilize. It is imperative that operation must be completed by July 8. We must not overstay our welcome to avoid any political ramifications back home. We request all of the SEA-JTF to be present during the duration of the operation and to remember the roles assigned to ensure the success of the mission.

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