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Mission Briefing for Extended Operation: Solstice Striker

Mission Description for Extended Operation: Solstice Striker

    • A four-day operation spanning from April 5 to 8


    • Assembly:
      • Assembly time of afternoon combatants @ 1400 hrs (GMT+8).
      • Assembly time of evening combatants @ 2000 hrs (GMT+8)
    • Victory Conditions:
      • Dominate & seize control of all towns in Takistan
    • Max Server Player Count: 20 Players
    • Weapon restrictions will not be limited to roles, but consult with FT leader for proper load out.
    • Reply to this thread to enlist and include your preferred role
    • Available Roles:
      • Artillery Operators x2


    • Engineer
      • Team Leader
      • Members x 4
    • Fireteam Alpha, Bravo and Charlie
      • Team Leader
      • Sniper
      • AT Soldier x 2
      • GL Soldier
      • Medic
      • Machine Gunner x2

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