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Minecraft reserved slots for OMGeek supporters

I have good news for all our OMGeek supporters who have contributed so much towards keeping our community alive! Starting today, all Silver and Gold supporters will also get a reserved slot in our Minecraft server in addition to their reserved slot in the Battlefield 3 server. This means that you'll find it easier to get inside the server during peak hours.

In addition, and for this month only, we are also giving Bronze supporters a reserved slot in the Minecraft server! Thanks, guys!

Please note that no one's going to get nerfed or have features and abilities taken away from them. The system only gives preference to OMGeek supporters whenever the server reaches its maximum capacity of ten players. It's just a little perk we thought of adding.

Also, be sure to be here on Wednesday, April 18 at 8 pm (GMT +8) for the second part of Minecraft: Beginnings, where we complete our town hall, ensure our food supply, and prepare the surrounding lands to make our houses!

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