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Minecraft Beginnings: The Pioneer Spirit

There's nothing as promising or as inspiring in a game of Minecraft than a wild, untouched tract of nature stretching out far into the horizon. Natural formations of dirt, sand, and rock dot the landscape in random yet eerily mathematical constructs, all waiting for you to show up and reorder the beauty of chaos for the glory of mankind.

Before the house, and the wheat farm, and the giant underwater dome with a redstone-powered airlock even if it didn't really need one, there was you, shivering in a hole in the ground, your body still soaked by the rain that wasn't there one second and drenching you the next. And it was fun as hell.

The pioneer phase of Minecraft is all about surviving against the odds, armed with just the clothes (or the lack of clothes) on your back and a pair of cuboid fists that can pulverize solid blocks of xylem tissue in seconds. The initial mad rush to gather wood, prepare tools, build the block-equivalent of a pillow fortress, and ensure that you have a light for when it gets dark, is one of the great shared experiences of Minecraft. Once a proper wall goes up and a creeper-free boundary is established, everyone can focus on his or her own thing, be it farming or underground exploring or the building of strangely phallic giant monuments. Before that, it's a mad cooperative flurry of survival.

Minecraft Beginnings is all about that pioneering phase of the Minecraft experience: the one moment when all of us are truly working towards the common goal of making a safe haven for the sake of the FUTURE. We're going to transform a barren, inhospitable landscape where snow may inexplicably fall meters away from a scorching desert into a safe and modern bastion of human ingenuity. This is the first step, and all are welcome to join in!

Unless you're a dirty iron-swiping diamond-stealing thief. We don't need you and we want you to stay away.

For everybody else, join us this Sunday for Minecraft Beginnings, a cooperative pioneer adventure! We will be announcing server information soon, so stay tuned!

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