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Minecraft Beginnings: Monuments

Men were born to dream big.

People join groups and communities and organizations because they want to be part of something bigger than what they are. It's the massive scale and the limitless potential -- the sheer bigness of the idea of big -- that drives people to want to make things bigger. Minecraft is no exception!

One major undertaking we're planning for the new Minecraft server is a monument: a giant, skyscraping, neck-twisting, physics-defying work of community-created art that proclaims, "Hey! We were here!" much like a dog peeing on a wall. Except dogs don't do their wall-peeing in large groups.

We're going to work on the monument in several planned stages, which will ensure that everyone will be in relatively close proximity with each other and there will always be a goal to focus on. A monumental goal, if you know what I mean. It's a daunting task, but it's going to be really awesome!

Quick heads-up, by the way: we've put up a signup thread for the event here. We only have ten slots in the Minecraft server, so if it ever gets filled up, you may have to wait your turn before having a go with the tree punching and all that. Sign up now!

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