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Minecraft: All Systems Go!

Good news, everyone!

We've just received word that the Minecraft server is back up and running! This means more mayhem of the block-stacking and creeper-kiting sort. This means the continuation of our community projects. This means that more events will be organized very soon for Minecraft. Naturally, this also means that we have finally picked a winner for our Minecraft naming contest!

The winner, whose entry was deemed by Blitzio as the best, shall be announced at the end of this post!

    • Yes, Minecraft is back! The lag problem in our Minecraft server should be gone. I personally haven't found the time to pop inside to test, but if you're in a good place to do so, why don't you give it a go?

    • I've added The Wall to our list of ongoing community projects. Yes, THAT wall. It'll be awesome, I promise.

    • In an unexpected turn of events, Blitzio has chosen a winner -- but only for our Minecraft world's name. All the suggestions for the Minecraft settlement have been vetoed, and in their stead, Blitzio has submitted his own suggestion for our residential settlement's name: Nerdinium. Is it a substance? Is it a metal? Is it a namesake? No one knows.

      But I'm going to allow this.

      Anyway! The winning entry for our world's name is Geekteria, submitted by jedi304! Jedi wins a Steam copy of Bastion, and the honor of being the name-giver of our lush Minecraft world. Congratulations, and see you in Geekteria soon!

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